DIY Chippy Wood Flag for $5

Wood pieces from Dollar Tree are painted and chippy-ed to create a weathered, vintage wood flag that looks worn and old.
weathered wood flag, ticking star, chippy spindles
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If you love decorating on the cheap, you are going to love this DIY wood flag idea! A recent stroll through the aisles of Dollar Tree sparked the idea for this chippy wood flag. Come along with me as I show you exactly how to make this worn, vintage-inspired flag.

Let me just preface this by saying if you prefer new and shiny to old and weathered, the following tutorial is still for you! You can just omit the steps I took to chippy and grunge up this DIY wood flag to make it work for your decor!

Make a DIY Wood Flag From Dollar Tree Pieces

Supplies Needed

* I wasn't able to find a link to the wood panels with three planks I used, but you could use these plank panels or these wood panels from Amazon

wood panels, paint, brushes, stencil

You could make individual small flags with these wood panels, or join four of them together to create a larger flag, which is what I did. Doesn't this look like it wants to be a flag to you?

four wood panels create flag shape

Wax and paint

If you love chippy pieces and want to add a chippy feel to your DIY wood flag, the first step is to rub a candle all over the fronts of the wood panels (we're doing the wax-resist technique). A tea light is the perfect size for this!

wax resist, painted flag

Next, paint all four pieces with a coat of white chalky paint, and if you're going for chippy, you'll want to rub that wax on the pieces again once the paint is dry before moving on.

Tape off the stars section and paint with navy blue acrylic paint, then paint every other stripe with red acrylic paint. If you're using wood panels without the plank 'stripes', use the painters tape to tape off stripes. We're not going for total accuracy here, more for the feel of a flag.

Scrape to chippy

When the paint is dry, use the scraper tool to scrape off some of the paint, revealing the bottom layer. This adds the chippy look that is so popular in vintage decor.

scrape paint

chippy painted flag panels

Paint stars

The only star stencil I had in my craft stash was this one I used on my stenciled and ruffled DIY flour sack towels.

I used some painters tape to prevent the rest of the stencil from being painted, and painted the stars with the white paint. I have two rows of three stars, again, obviously not accurate, but gives the impression of the stars section of the US flag.

star stencil

Glue and clamp pieces together

Rather than gluing and clamping all four pieces together at once, Mr DIY recommended I do it in sections. So I glued two pieces together, clamped them to hold them in place until the glue dried, then glued the entire flag together. You can use any wood glue, this is the one we prefer.

wood glue

wood glue bead along flag edge

I left the glue to dry overnight before finishing the flag.

clamps to hold flag pieces

Dark wax

I was all in on making this newly constructed wood flag look old, vintage and grungy so I wiped on some dark wax to really add age and character to the flag.

finished wood flag, dark wax

You can see how much darker the painted areas look with the dark wax rubbed in. It also helps to tone down the brightness of the red and blue painted areas.

weathered, worn wood painted flag close up

For just over $5, I have another weathered and vintage looking piece to add to my slowly growing patriotic collection.

weathered wood flag, ticking star, chippy spindles

Because the wood pieces are chunky, the flag works great as a shelf sitter.

weathered wood painted flag, chippy spindles, ticking stripe star

I'll be sharing the tutorials for the chippy patriotic spindles and the ticking striped star soon so keep an eye out for those inexpensive tutorials! Don't miss my other Patriotic DIYs HERE.

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weathered wood flag, vintage style, chippy spindles, tattered ticking star

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  1. Very cute! I like this and will have to try to make it.

    1. Thanks Melanie, hope you can find the wood pieces! 🤞

  2. Rustic wooden chippy patriotic flags? Yes please! These are adorable, and you sure have that chippy finish down, Cindy! They look so authentic!

    1. Thanks Donna, I'm so glad you like them, they were so fun to make!


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