DIY Oversized Boxwood Wreath

Learn how to use multiple types of faux boxwood greenery to make a stunning and very affordable oversized wreath to display inside (or outside) your home!

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Hey friend. Are you looking for budget-friendly ideas to decorate your home? This DIY faux boxwood wreath is beautiful, large, and inexpensive to make! Don't worry, I'll walk you through all the steps.

Boxwood is a popular greenery to use in home decorating, both real and faux. If you don't have a boxwood bush in your yard that you can clip to make a real boxwood wreath, this faux boxwood wreath is easy to craft! The best part of a faux wreath is you can use it for years to come.

Welcome to Pinterest Challenge, a monthly series hosted by Cindy of County Road 407. We are a group of home decor bloggers, and every month we take on a new challenge. The idea is to use what we have, and use the inspiration picture as just that - inspiration! It's always fun to see the variety we have each month. You'll find the links below to see how the team is using wreaths. If you are visiting from County Road 407, don't you love all the ideas Cindy shared for decorating with a boxwood wreath?!

Inspiration boxwood wreath

Our PINspiration image this month comes from Courtenay at The Creek Line House. Courtenay made a boxwood wreath using greenery she clipped from her yard. It's a beautiful, full wreath and will last for about 3 months. This is such a beautiful wreath to hang on your door right into Fall!

How to make a faux boxwood wreath

I wish I had a boxwood shrub in my yard but I did have the supplies already on hand to create a faux boxwood wreath, and rather than just making a regular sized wreath, I went BIG! This oversized wreath makes a fun statement, and it wasn't any more difficult than a regular sized wreath. Our front door is 9 feet tall, so it needs a wreath that has some presence.

TIP: separate one grapevine wreath into multiple wreath bases

I always separate my store-bought grapevine wreaths so I can make a wreath the exact size I want. Wreath forms can be expensive, and this is a cost-effective way to get many forms for the price of a single one. To find out more about making your own custom sized grapevines wreaths, watch this short video.

Gather supplies

I went through the greenery drawer in my recently painted and labeled dresser (whose sole purpose is to store my faux florals and greenery), and pulled out two varieties of boxwood that I already had. I also used a 20" grapevine wreath base that I made. If you don't have your supplies already on hand, I've included some shopping links below.

Supplies needed

* faux boxwood looks quite similar to faux eucalyptus (the small leaves), so feel free to interchange them

Why should I use two different colors of boxwood?

As you can see in my supplies picture, I have two different varieties of faux boxwood. There's a lighter green and a darker green. I like to use different colors and varieties for the following reasons:
  1. It keeps the wreath from looking too plastic-y because it adds dimension to the wreath.
  2. It adds interest and variety to the faux wreath.
  3. It can be more cost effective to use a less expensive greenery to act as filler.
  4. An oversized wreath can feel very one-dimensional unless you add a variety of greenery.

Steps to making a faux greenery wreath

1. Prepare greenery

Some of my greenery is growing together as a hanging bush. You will want to separate the faux boxwood into smaller pieces to make it easier to work with and spread it out. I used heavy duty scissors to snip individual pieces off the main stem.  See the numbered pictures below for reference.

3, Do a dry fit

Make sure you have enough greenery before you begin attaching it to your grapevine base. Simply lay pieces along the wreath, overlapping the stems slightly with the leaves of the next piece to see if you have enough.

4, Wire greenery to base

Once you've established that you have enough greenery for your wreath, secure your first stem to the grapevine by winding the wire a couple times around it. Leave about a 2" tail at the back of the wreath, and pull the wire snuggly to ensure the greenery is securely attached. Twist the tail of the wire around the other wire to secure it.

Don't cut the wire!

I find it easiest to leave the wire attached to the paddle as you're attaching greenery to the entire base. Moving on, tuck the clipped end of the next piece underneath the previous piece so they're overlapping.

Tip: if possible, tuck the snipped end of the greenery into the grapevine base to completely hide it!

5. Layer greenery

As far as mixing the two types and colors of boxwood, I found it easiest to add the darker boxwood first. Think of it kind of as the filler. Then I wired a piece of the lighter green boxwood on top of the first (see the last two pictures in the above collage). The second piece of greenery adds fullness and hides the imperfections of the bottom layer.

Tip: Rather than wrapping wire overtop of the greenery, use your fingers to lift the top pieces out of the way, and wire the bottom stem to the grapevine base. This keeps the wreath natural looking and loose on the top, and you won't see any wire on the finished wreath.

Continue around the wreath until you meet up at the beginning piece of greenery. As you can see below, I needed to cut my last piece down because it was too long. I then used those couple pieces of leftover boxwood to fill in some thinner areas of the wreath. For those individual piece, I snipped a 4" piece of wire and wired the greenery right where I wanted it.

To finish off the wire, snip a couple of inches and twist it around the previous wire at the back of the wreath so it's secure. I like using the green wire because it's virtually invisible from the front!

Are you ready to see my finished oversized faux boxwood wreath? I'm really pleased with it and I styled it in a couple of different places to give you extra ideas!

Hang a wreath from a dresser

I've done this before and I love the look of a wreath hanging from the front of a vintage style upright dresser! If you use the dresser often, this may not be practical for everyday use, but it sure is pretty ❤

The wreath is simply hanging from a dresser knob with a length of blue velvet ribbon. See how the two different colors of greenery work together and add dimension to the wreath? 

Make a fuller wreath

This is not a full wreath because I didn't have enough greenery, but I'm still perfectly happy with the skinny version 😉 If you want a fuller look to your handmade wreath, you can simply wire additional strands of greenery to the outside edge of the grapevine base.

I'm using a smaller boxwood wreath on top of the dresser. I laid it flat and inserted a candle. This is another great way to repurpose a smaller wreath and makes a candle look extra special.

DIY boxwood wreath on front door

Here is the wreath hanging on our front door. I like that it's large enough for the dimensions of the door. The door feels tall and skinny, and the wreath is oversized and skinny, lol! I've mounted a bronze outdoor Command hook on the door and hung the wreath from it. This hook has stayed put for the year we've lived in this house, even with our extreme humidity!

If you're wondering what's in all the pots, I am propagating hydrangeas from a friend's yard! This area at the front door gets shade, which hydrangeas like. They seem to be happy and growing! Let me know if you want more information on how I've done this.

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More DIY greenery wreath ideas

Let's see what the rest of the team has come up with this month! Marty of A Stroll Thru Life is next and I can't wait for you to see her Late Summer Early Fall Door Wreath. Click on the links below to visit each idea.

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  1. What a great wreath --- and post! Yes, your gorgeous door needs a large, thin wreath!!! And your tip about the two colors is spot on!

  2. Such a pretty wreath. I adore the touch of blue in the ribbon!

    1. Thank you Laura, that blue velvet ribbon is my favorite!

  3. Excellent tutorial Cindy! Wow your wreath is just perfect for your pretty door! Pinning!

  4. Great tutorial for making my own wreath. I love that you used two colors of boxwood also, makes it look so interesting and natural.

  5. I knew this was going to look amazing! I absolutely love how it turned out. What I love the most is that its not overloaded. Just perfect. pinned

  6. Your wreath is so pretty, Cindy and it looks perfect on your front door!

    1. Thanks Kim, a new wreath is always so much fun to decorate with!

  7. This turned out beautifully, Cindy! I love it hanging on the dresser. Great tutorial, too!

  8. Your wreath is absolutely stunning. I love how delicate it is. I need to make one. Hugs to you.

  9. Cindy, your wreath is gorgeous!! I love how you hung it on your dresser with the beautiful blue ribbon. You have inspired me to make one of my own!

    1. Oh that's great to hear Lynne! Always happy to inspire!!

  10. Cindy, I love the oversized wreath! Perfect!

  11. The blue ribbon is the perfect touch, what a great tutorial Cindy, thank you! Tanya


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