Easy No-Sew Floral Bunny Pillow Decorations

Turn fabric scraps into lightly stuffed hanging bunny pillow decorations. This no sew method creates cute and inexpensive Spring decor in no time!
Easy Easter and Spring no-sew pillows are so easy to make. Read on for the tutorial.

I wasn't sure what to call these cute fabric bunny pillow decorations because they're not really pillows. They have hangers, but they are lightly stuffed so...are they pillows? wall hangings? Maybe you have a good suggestion?

This is a no-sew project made with scraps of canvas drop cloth and floral fabrics. These bunny decorations are very easy to make, and will be a great addition to your Easter and Spring decor, whether you tuck them into a tiered tray, hang from a peg, add to a basket, wreath or even an Easter basket!

How to make no sew bunny pillow hanging decor

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Like I said, the supplies are minimal for this Spring craft, which is always a blessing!

As always, check your local stores for the best prices. I'm sharing Amazon links here for your convenience.


* did you know you can buy 1/4 yard of fabric from the store? it's a great way to keep the cost super low!

Tips when selecting fabrics:

  1. Contrast Pick a floral that is dark enough to show up against a light background
  2. Print Select a floral with a small, repetitive print rather than one that's too busy or too large
  3. Color Be sure the color of the floral complements the background fabric
  4. Iron Iron all pieces before putting together the mini pillows


Just a note: My style leans towards vintage cottage. If that's not your style, you can still make these bunny decorations, but use fabrics and embellishments to match your style and decor! They would be really cute in a bold, modern print!

I searched Google for a bunny outline and found this one. You want a simple outline with no fancy details. As always, please be sure to respect creator's copyright before you use their image.

These instructions and ideas are just a jumping off point. Use your creativity and imagination to make this bunny craft your own! For example, decorate a canvas pillow cover with the same design, just resize it before printing! Or make a flag for your front porch! 

Please refer to the pictures and steps below for details to create these sweet Spring bunny decorations.

Steps to easy floral bunny pillows

Step 1 - Pin and Cut

Start by printing your design onto regular copy paper and cutting it out. Next you will use the paper cutout as a pattern. Pin it to the fabric you're using and cut bunny shape out.

Step 2 - Prepare Drop Cloth

Decide what shape you want your bunny decor to be and tear, don't cut, two matching pieces of drop cloth fabric. Why tear it? Because you'll get the straightest cuts, and you'll also end up with perfectly tattered and frayed edges with zero effort! Make sure your bunny design fits nicely on the drop cloth with a little breathing room around all edges.

Step 3 & 4 - Glue Bunny

We're going to hot glue the fabric bunny to the drop cloth. BEFORE you glue the bunny, decide if you want a bow that ties around the bunny's neck. I suggest a narrow strip of cheesecloth because it won't have any bulk. Glue the bunny ears down, then tie the cheesecloth loosely and continue gluing the bunny down. I used glue just around the edges.

You can also choose to make a lace bow and hot glue that onto the bunny once the pillow is finished.

Step 5 - Glue Drop Cloth

Line up the two pieces of drop cloth and glue around 3 edges, leaving the TOP SIDE open.

Step 6 - Stuff

Add fiberfill to the pillow, being sure to get down into the corners (use a pencil tip if you need to). I chose to lightly stuff my pieces because I wanted to use them more as hangings. If you're making little decorative pillows, then I would stuff them firmly. 

Be sure to stuff right up to the open edge so you don't have an empty spot once it's glued shut.

Step 7 - Glue ribbon end

Cut a piece of ribbon or cheesecloth for your hanger, if using, and hot glue one end into place.

Step 8 - Glue hanger in place

Now glue the end of the ribbon to the other corner. You may want to add a little more stuffing to the pillow top if it needs it before gluing the open edge closed.

And that's it! The cutest little floral bunny pillows ready to hop into all your baskets and Easter decor! These are neutral enough that you could really leave them out year round if you choose!

These floral bunny pillow pair beautifully with my DIY fabric carrots! I have a full video showing how to make them.

I made a second set of these little pillows, but in vintage blue floral fabric. I cut out three egg shapes for the smaller pillow and stamped a little tag to hang on it.

They are a nice addition to my ironstone and transferware dishes in my hutches. A little something homespun softens the edges of all the dishes!

The possibilities are really endless and I hope I've inspired you today to use up some of that scrap fabric and make something beautiful ❤

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  1. I'd call these - Little Pockets of Goodness! They are so cute and I love the fabrics you chose. I also love that they can literally go anywhere. The door knobs, the towel rod in the bathroom, on a cabinet. Perfect for Spring and Easter! pinned


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