5-Minute Patriotic Garland

Turn a few fabric or paper scraps, and some red and blue ribbon, into a cute patriotic garland in just minutes!

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add patriotic charm to your home? Look no further than this simple, 5-minute garland! Read the tutorial and my tips below.

Welcome to the newest project in my Patriotic Craft Series! Creating easy, affordable and charming crafts is therapy for me and if you love decorating with red, white and blue as well, you're going to love these ideas! Patriotic decor works for the entire summer and is a great way to inject a little color into your home.


As I was cleaning up my office and craft supplies, I nearly tossed a fabric sample swatch book. Taking a closer look, I realized it was perfect for a quick craft, a simple patriotic garland that would fill in some empty space in a vignette. I have made many, many garlands over the years using unexpected items. Some of my favorite DIY garlands include:
I think an oversized garland, like this Valentines heart shaped garland, would be really cute but done with stars and cut from patriotic papers.

This patriotic garland not only turned out really cute, but only took minutes to make!

How to Make a 5-Minute Patriotic Garland

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I kept the supplies very basic for my patriotic garland, but you could easily make it a little fancier if you choose! Alphabet stencils used with a little acrylic paint will give you perfect letters, as would extra large stamps and ink. You could also cut your fabric into a bunting or banner shape with notched bottoms!


Steps to a simple patriotic bunting

This really couldn't be easier, and doesn't even really warrant a tutorial but I know many of you like to see the steps, so here is how I did it.

Step 1

I removed all the neutral fabric swatch sample pieces and cut the fabric to the same size using pinking shears.

Step 2

Using a Sharpie with a chisel tip, I handwrote a letter onto each fabric piece to spell out AMERICA. Of course, you could do whatever word or phrase you'd like! Don't overthink this step! I'm not overly fond of my handwriting so used a font I like as reference. Is it perfect? Heck no, but I'm okay with that; perfection is highly overrated anyway😉

Step 3

Hot glue the letter scraps to a length of jute, leaving enough space between letters for a ribbon.

Step 4

Tie red and blue ribbons between the letters. I also used some coffee stained cheesecloth strips.
Money Saving Tip: If you don't have ribbon in the right colors, check your fabric stash. I tore some blue gingham check fabric into strips and used that. I love the tattered, frayed edge that results from torn fabric and it suited this simple banner garland.

This simple garland was the perfect finishing touch to the patriotic vignette I set up in my office. You could make it longer if you wanted to span a mantel or smaller to use across a wreath.

Of course, you're not limited to a specific season! Use this idea as a jumping off point and make a unique banner garland for any season or even to celebrate a graduate or birthday!

I'd love to know what ideas you come up with!

How to hang a garland or banner

In keeping with the simplicity of this garland, I hung it up with tape! However, if you're wanting to keep it around for longevity, I recommend using small tack nails on the wall, or Command Strip hooks on a wood mantel. If you plan to hang on nails, be sure to cut the jute longer to allow you to tie it around the nail/hooks at each end.

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