Easy Painted DIY Strawberries

Turn leftover plastic eggs into charming summer strawberries! Fill a berry basket or bowl with these DIY berries and add their juicy color to your summer decor ๐Ÿ“
painted egg strawberries, gingham, basket

Strawberries made from plastic eggs? Why yes, yes of course! A straightforward craft that will add a pop of sweet summer color to your home! Read on for my best tips to save you time, as well as some fun decorating ideas!

How to make DIY painted strawberries from plastic eggs

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Hey friend! I'm taking a little break from my Patriotic Series to share these cute strawberries made from plastic craft eggs.

painted strawberry eggs, berry basket, wood pedestal

This isn't a new idea, but it's one I've been wanting to try for a long time! I finally was inspired and motivated to try my hand at turning plastic eggs into cute painted strawberries, complete with leaves and a stem. I looked at several ideas online before coming up with my own way to transform a few boring plastic eggs into the cutest and juiciest looking strawberries, perfect to enhance your summer decor!

Take a look at the picture below. When you turn a plastic egg upside down, it closely resembles a nice, fat, juicy strawberry! Do you see it? If not, that's okay...Mr DIY was skeptical too haha.

plastic egg before, after painted like strawberry

So stinkin cute, right? You'll need the following supplies to make a berry patch of your own handcrafted strawberries.


optional: ribbon, berry basket

plastic eggs, red paint, brush, fabric scraps, Sharpie

*red spray paint would be a great option (and possibly easier!)
**I was going to use the green homespun fabrics but realized the dark green with the red looked too Christmas-y so I used some Spring green felt ribbon I had in my stash

Follow these steps

Be sure to read my additional tips below, as they will help you prevent some of the issues I ran into!

Mix up textured paint

You don't need to make textured paint, but I was hoping the thicker paint would be easier to use (and keep me from having to paint too many coats). 

Let's face it, any round object is difficult to paint! You can't paint the entire thing at once, and overlapping paint strokes can make it look funny. Read the tips I share below to get the best results.

  1. I mixed red and dark pink paint together to get a juicy strawberry color.
  2. Before adding the baking powder, I sieved it to remove lumps, then mixed into the paint (the amount you use depends on how much paint you have, start with a teaspoon or two) The paint should get foamy and double or triple in size as it absorbs the baking powder.

painting strawberries, adding seeds with Sharpie

Paint eggs

You'll need to do one side at a time, and this is where the disposable gloves will come in handy as this can be messy! I found two coats covered well, and if needed, I use the brush on select spots without adding more paint to the brush.

Painting tips

  • paint one side of an egg at a time, using a heat tool to speed up drying
  • try not to overlap the painted edges too much to avoid a darker strip
  • paint with long strokes going one direction
  • avoid too much paint on your brush (or you'll wind up with lumpy sections)


The paint dried very matte, and didn't look too juicy, so I added a coat of clear furniture paste wax. You could also use a spray sealer, and if you want a really glossy coat that looks like porcelain, I recommend this product. I used it on painted dollar store pumpkins and you can see how glossy they look.

If you're using the wax, rub it on and then lightly buff to work it into the paint. It won't be shiny but there will be more of a sheen than before.

Add seeds

Use a black Sharpie to add the seeds to the strawberries. I considered using paint but didn't want to deal with the dry time. A Sharpie makes it super fast. I tried to press the Sharpie down to create a bit of a dot, and then lightly pulled it up (to create more of a seed shape), but I wasn't too finicky.

Make the leaves

I had some 3/4" wide felt ribbon that was the perfect color for the leaves. If you're using a sheet of felt, cut it into strips first, and then follow the steps below. 

cutting strawberry leaves from green felt
  1. Cut two strips of felt for each strawberry, one slightly smaller.
  2. Use scissors to cut the ends into a leaf shape.
  3. Pinch the smaller shape at the middle and add a drop of hot glue to hold it together (if you plan to add a stem, insert it into the hot glue and press and hold).
  4. Fold the bottom piece of felt over and glue.
  5. Add a drop of hot glue to the wide portion of the egg (this is the top), and press and hold the larger leaf shape.
  6. Finally, add a drop of glue and press down the top leaf/stem shape and hold until secure.

painted strawberry, leaf cutouts from felt

strawberries with felt leaves and stem

All that folding and bending and pinching creates a dimensional shape to the leaves as you can see above.

Styling ideas

I can't remember where I got this cardboard berry basket, but I saved it because it's so cute. I filled it with some crinkled brown paper and tied a gingham ribbon around it. Then I filled it up with my freshly painted strawberries.

berry basket, strawberries, gingham

They look so cute styled with a rustic white caddy and some stained ironstone. I added a few vintage mini Jello tin molds just because I had them! 

berry basket, strawberries, ironstone

I just love how bright and summery these painted strawberries look when display with white but for little more contrast I added the thrifted pedestal I recently made.

basket, strawberries, red gingham

Here's another idea - add the painted berries to a decorative glass display jar.

glass jar, strawberries, lace

Or fill a pretty bowl with your handmade strawberries. This white pedestal bowl is from HomeGoods, but it pairs beautifully with my white ironstone that I've been collecting for years.

ironstone compote, strawberries, gingham

vintage ironstone, bowl filled with strawberries

ironstone bowl, strawberries

You can make this craft in about an hour (with the help of a drying tool) and be ready to display your freshly picked/painted strawberries! Love this free summer craft idea? Show your support - Share with a friend, Comment below and PIN any of these images!❤๐Ÿ“❤๐Ÿ“❤๐Ÿ“

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painted strawberries, ironstone compote, gingham ribbon

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