How to Make High Gloss Porcelain DIY Pumpkins

Follow this simple, three-step process to transform dollar store pumpkins into high-end porcelain ones. Video tutorial included.

Do you love the romance and elegance of pretty floral dishes and decor?

I'm smitten by these vintage dishes and have collected quite a bit of transferware that I've found at thrift stores over the years and from around the country.

I not only decorate with these pretty plates, but I've hung a vintage plate wreath for my dining room, I've made matching blue and white floral decoupage chargers, and I've even hung some of my ironstone and transferware on my blue and white Christmas tree! Click any of these links for more details on each project and DIY.

So far in my 52 years, I've never made blue and white floral pumpkins! Today we're changing all that and I'm so excited to show you this easy Fall DIY! I made a video to show you exactly how I decoupaged these pumpkins, you can watch the how-to video here.

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How to make dollar store high gloss porcelain DIY pumpkins

Whether you like blue and white floral or you prefer different colors and patterns, you are only limited by the napkins that you find! Yep, we're using inexpensive paper napkins to make these porcelain pumpkins. You'll find the supplies list and the steps below.


Step one: paint pumpkins

The pumpkins I bought were not white! I'll share a before pic below. I took them outside and spray painted them with the white chalk paint, linked above. I spray 3 light coats until I had complete coverage with no drips, then set them aside to dry.

You might recognize these pumpkins because I bought 6 and transformed 3 of them using white wax and Rub n Buff. It softened the bright colors and they turned out so cute. You can see that project here.

Step two: decoupage pumpkins

The next step was to decoupage the pumpkins using the blue floral napkins. WATCH THIS VIDEO to see exactly how I did it and to get all my tips and tricks for the best results! Millie makes her video debut in vocals!

Step three: add the spray gloss finish

This step is where the magic happens! This is the first time I've used this high gloss spray, and I am hooked! I used it on a few thrifted finds that I'll share in a little bit. This spray does a fantastic job of creating a super glossy, high-end porcelain like finish. You cannot get this high gloss look with a regular gloss spray paint, I know because I've tried!

The trick is to apply 3-4 light coats, allowing a few minutes between coats. Once all the coats are applied, let the pumpkins fully dry for 24 hours. I actually sprayed them outside and then brought them inside to dry in the AC!

Once the high gloss finish has dried, ooh and aah and admire your pumpkins! And then decorate with them!

I styled my porcelain DIY pumpkins in my new old pine hutch. You can see more details of this room and my blue and white fall decor here.

Don't the decoupaged pumpkins work well with all my vintage ironstone and blue and white transferware? I love it so much!

These pumpkins look NOTHING like their humble beginnings at the dollar store! I love the high-end look that the glossy spray gave them.

I've used little cupcake stands to elevate them and you can see they're just as glossy as the porcelain stands.

These might be my favorite pumpkins that I've ever DIYed! Click here to see more of my DIY pumpkins.

And don't miss my newest dollar store sweater pumpkins made with crochet chain! You don't need to know how to crochet to make these, I promise!

I'm not done crafting pumpkins yet...I have a farmhouse pumpkin with DIY clay stems to share soon, as well as a pine cone pumpkin! 

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Thrifted finds 

I mentioned above that I transformed some additional items and here they are. I found both the pumpkin bowl and the small handled bowl at my local Goodwill. I followed the same steps above to turn them into glossy porcelain beauties; they look just like white ironstone!

I hope you're inspired to try making your own high gloss porcelain pumpkins from the dollar store, and to use this high gloss spray to transform your thrifted finds!

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  1. The blue and white pumpkins are so pretty and what a great job you have done on them!!

    1. Thank you Linda, it was so easy to get this porcelain look... I'm excited to try it on other decor!


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