5 Ways to add All-American Patriotic Decor

I'm sharing some tips and ideas for adding classic all-American patriotic decor to your home without spending a lot of money...and without necessarily purchasing themed decor! 

patriotic dining room decor

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Hi friend! Are you looking for inexpensive ideas for decorating your home with patriotic decor? I've got lots of ideas to share with you today!

I'm a big believer in using items you already own, and being creative in displaying them in different ways! If you're like me, you don't like spending a lot of money on seasonal decor that will be displayed for just a short time. That's what today's post is about.

Long before I became a lifetime fan of HomeGoods, Decor Steals and Antique Farmhouse...I was shopping my house and putting items together in different ways!

My Texas farmhouse is decorated for July 4th and any other patriotic holidays...and I hardly spent a dime...really!

The secret is using what you already own. If you find that you don't own many of the following items, put together a budget and spend some time slowly accumulating items like the ones I'm sharing today!

You won't see many commercial patriotic items in my home. I decorate with more of a collected feel, and I have found that, at least for me, this is a look that I will love forever...it stands the test of time!


1. Decorate with pillows and fabrics 

Pillows make great statement pieces and decor!
 Rather than purchasing new pillows for each season, buy just the cover to save money and space!

I love to decorate with buffalo check and gingham...they're an all-American, classic pattern that won't go out of style anytime soon! I have both blue and red gingham pillows. The red ones do double-duty in my home as I love to bring them out at Christmas and again for patriotic decorating. The DIY fabric scrap flag in the middle adds texture and interest and breaks up the gingham a little.

decorate with pillows and books

You don't have to use gingham; pick a pattern you love...stars or stripes would be great too! Try to buy items that you can be happy with all year round...and ones that can be grouped together for patriotic holidays. Buy pillows on clearance after the season is over and them re-use them each year.

Even if you have never touched a sewing machine, you can decorate with fabric! It's often cheaper to buy a yard or two of fabric and make your own simple table runners and napkins.

I bought 1-1/2 yards of blue gingham fabric for less than $6 and made 4 large fabric napkins for my patriotic table setting...absolutely no sewing required!

July 4th table setting

Ripping fabric is often better than cutting, especially if your fabric is cotton! Just measure where you want to cut, snip the end with scissors and rip straight down to the opposite end. Not only will the fabric rip in a straight line, but it will start to fray, allowing you to just pull a few threads loose to create a fringed edge...because who wants to hem?? Not me!

2. Add inexpensive Americana with paper

In another lifetime, I was heavily into scrapbooking. I still have a huge collection of papers, which I'm loathe to get rid of because I still make handmade cards and the occasional paper craft. 

One way to create simple and inexpensive patriotic decor is to make paper-wrapped candles and easy paper pinwheels!

Patriotic-themed scrapbook paper, giftwrap, even napkins can be cut to fit and wrapped around your everyday white pillar candles, votives or even your candle jars! Secure with a sticky dot or a dot of glue and you have a simple and inexpensive themed candle! These patriotic candle wraps are quick and easy and only limited by your imagination! Easy DIY patriotic pinwheels can be used to decorate both inside and outside your home! Tuck them into buckets, jars, even along your sidewalk!

easy paper crafts for July 4th

3. Budget-friendly wreaths that add patriotic feels

A patriotic wreath at your front door can transform your home, create a welcoming entry to your guests, and it can be made for next to nothing!

This sweet farmhouse wreath was made for less than $10! I used ticking striped ribbon that I found at Walmart...unfortunately it's no longer available, but you can find similar here and here! This wreath is perfect for July 4th, but I have it hanging in my home year-round!

farmhouse wreath

Stock up on sales! I purchase classic red, black and blue striped and gingham ribbon when it goes on clearance so I have a good supply ready for crafts such as this easy patriotic ribbon hanging. I even repurposed a torn white sheet from the Goodwill for this ribbon flag and a pocket from my daughter's jeans!

ribbon flag hanging

Can you spot this ribbon "flag" hanging on my front door?

white house with patriotic decor

Another wreath that is budget-friendly and oh-so-easy to make in just a few minutes is a bandanna wreath! Bandannas are all-American, are they not? I think it looks perfect on my recently painted side entry door!

painted door and bandana wreath

This wreath took me about 10 minutes and cost about $12!! I've also made bandanna banners that are just folded bandannas hung over jute cording! Hung on a chalkboard or from a mantle, it adds a punch of red white and blue!

4. Set an all-American picnic table setting

What's more American than a picnic! I used a picnic basket similar to this one in the center of my table and loaded it up with anything red white and blue that I could find around my home!

patriotic centerpiece

A red gingham table runner that I sewed years ago spills out of the basket. Blue mason jars, a rusty galvanized caddy, a few pieces of white ironstone and blue transferware, and Rae Dunn pieces are all items I use around my home on a daily basis. I just grabbed a few that I thought would look good together...and this all-American patriotic table setting came together in minutes!

using Rae Dunn for July 4th

5. Decorate with your collections

I am guessing that if you are reading my blog, you have a few collections in your home. Maybe it's books or glassware or dishes. You probably have some of the following items in your collections that you can use to create an all-American, farmhouse style in your home this July 4th:

  • blue mason jars
  • white ironstone
  • blue and white transferware
  • enamelware
  • white milkglass
  • red, white and blue books
  • Rae Dunn
  • quilts
  • denim (make a denim bunting using old jeans pockets)
  • chalkboards
  • baskets
  • galvanized buckets or caddie
  • don't forget about food...strawberries, blueberries, black berries, cherries, watermelon...even cookies can be decor
  • make a fake cake that you can decorate with for any occasion!

soft sugar cookies
grab my favorite soft sugar cookie recipe here

Here are a few more visuals to get you thinking...

decorate with collections

easy July 4th table

blue gingham pillow

DIY scrap fabric flag

feedsack pillow cover

display ironstone


decorate with books

As you can see, I literally 'shopped my home' to create my classic all-American farmhouse patriotic decor! It was as easy as swapping out a few items and using them in different ways! Highlighting the red, white and blue by using those colors together!

I would love to hear if this inspired you to look around your home and your collections to create your own classic all-American inspired July 4th! Please leave me a message in the comments!

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easy all-American patriotic decor

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