Ideas for Decorating a Patriotic Summer Tablescape

I'm sharing tips to set the theme for a patriotic tablescape in red, white and blue using classic home decor pieces!
colorful patriotic tablescape

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Happy almost July 4th! I'm sure our celebration will look very different this year than what we've all become used to. In honor of the holiday I styled a patriotic table that I'd love to share with you today, along with tips for decorating with Americana.

Patriotic table with red white and blue

I love budget decorating! I love shopping my house, either pulling out items from closets and bins or literally moving items from one room to another. It's how I decorate! You know I also love to DIY and craft, but for today I'm sharing how I pulled together a bunch of different home decor items to make a festive patriotic tablescape.

Whenever I decorate according to a theme, I like to start with a clean slate. So I removed everything from my kitchen nook and started shopping the house for red and blue decor.

For this tribute to America, I grabbed the blue gingham pillows from our living room sofa, and found a red striped pillow in the storage closet (that I made for our farmhouse Christmas bedroom this past year). I piled the pillows onto our farmhouse pew in the breakfast nook of our farmhouse kitchen!

patriotic table decor

Tip #1: collect a variety of non-seasonal-specific home decor items

Obviously I wouldn't be able to use these pillows if they had Christmas decor on them. But because they're classic checks and stripes, they're suitable for any occasion! I shop with this idea in the back of my head and so far it's served me well!

What are classic pieces? A lot of it will depend on your decor style (what you love), but I find that classic black and white, stripes, checks, mason jars and a variety of greenery, neutral colored throws as well as baskets for texture and wood decor items (candlesticks, risers, etc) are all items that will work beautifully for any season! 

Once you have these basics, then you can simply purchase or make a couple items for a specific season or celebration and not have to spend a bunch of money creating a look!

Setting the table

The table was set for two. I used a grain sack runner and the chargers that I painted with blue suede paint earlier this year.

decorate for July 4th

White napkins with red trim (another Christmas purchase) were draped over the chargers. 

I bought patriotic sprinkles for a little glass bottle with red top I've had for years (used during my winter cocoa bar) and patriotic straws were displayed in a ceramic cup. These were the only purchases I made for this patriotic tablescape, proof that you don't need to spend a lot of money!

Tip #2: mix and match collections

Pieces from my Rae Dunn (new), white milk glass (vintage) and ironstone (antique) collections were brought together because they all share the same color and look great together on the same table!

The milk glass vase holds extra napkins, a ironstone creamer holds dessert spoons and the Rae Dunn just looks cute! By the way, if you're looking to get your hands on some Rae Dunn, I am selling a lot of my collection here, as well as those faux whip toppers you see.

Faux Desserts

While my family wishes the faux whip desserts and cupcakes were real, they are great to have on hand to quickly style a table without having to heat the oven!

Tip #3: make some fake food!

I've been making these faux whip toppers and desserts in the last couple of weeks and having so much fun making them look as real and yummy as possible! Let me know if you'd like a tutorial. You can see how to make a fake cake in this tutorial. These food props are an inexpensive way to add some just-baked decor!

I was hoping to do a giveaway here but realized there wasn't enough time to ship it to you before July 4th! But I'll definitely save that giveaway for next month 😍 Would you rather win a set of faux cupcakes or a Rae Dunn mug with topper? Please let me know in the comments!

faux cupcakes patriotic

The cupcakes look delicious displayed on the farmhouse dessert stand I made recently. It's another classic piece that I can use anywhere for any occasion!

Rae Dunn mug with faux whip patriotic topper

And while I own a lot of Rae Dunn mugs, I don't have a USA I made my own with red and blue vinyl and my Silhouette machine. It's a great way to save on both money and space! Don't have a die cut machine? I'm selling sets of these patriotic decals here.

This patriotic table was so much fun to set up and decorate! My family was definitely drooling so I'll think I'm going to need to bake some real dessert soon! 😋

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patriotic tablescape decorating

Need more ideas for budget patriotic decorating? Check out this post with tons of ideas for around the home and this post from last summer! Both are chock full of patriotic tutorials, crafts and ideas to decorate your home in time for July 4th!

How are you celebrating July 4th this year? Check out my Instagram to find out what we're doing 🛪

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