How to Decorate with Amber Glass Bottles (and where to find them cheap!)

I'm sharing how you can effortlessly create an amber glass bottle collection without visiting the antique store! You might be surprised by the source! These brown glass bottles make gorgeous and cozy fall displays!
amber brown glass bottles in Fall vignette

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Today I'm sharing an amazing Fall decorating idea that will cost you NOTHING or very little money! I'm sharing cozy fall decor with a brand new amber glass bottle collection! It's Thrifty Style Team and you know what that means...lots of thrifty decorating ideas! You'll find all the links at the end of my post.

Have you noticed how popular amber colored glass bottles are this year? They are everywhere for Fall, and are a great vintage find. You can see Liz Marie's amber bottle collection here and how Simply2Moms used vintage amber bottles in their fall decor this year.

However, you may not have a great thrift store in your area, or access to vintage items. 

Guess what? 

That is not a problem! You don't need to visit the thrift store or spend a lot of money to start your own collection of brown bottles! Read on to find out where to get amber bottles for next to nothing!

Easy source for amber bottles - shop your home!

I didn't set out to look for amber glass bottles in my own home, it was kind of an accident!

I was refilling the soap bottle for the bathroom and I realized it was amber! I mean, I knew it was amber glass when I bought it (that's probably why I was drawn to it), but I hadn't thought of decorating with it. 

But when I started looking around my home, I was surprised and excited by all the amber glass that I found in my own home!

brown bottles around your home

Aside from the soap bottles (which I found as a set of 3 for only $9.99 at Costco last year), I realized that many of my vitamin bottles and my bottles of essential oils were housed in amber glass bottles! 

Normally when I'm finished with them, I just toss them!

But with a little cleaning, and displayed as a collection, these amber glass bottles become beautiful fall decor!

How to clean labels off glass bottles

I started by peeling off as much of the label as I could. Then I soaked the bottles in a sink filled with hot, soapy water. The paper part of the labels peeled right off, but I found there was some sticky residue that was a little more stubborn. To remove the sticky residue, I wiped some olive oil over the sticky part and used my thumb nail to force the gummy part off.

You can find inexpensive new amber glass bottles without any labels here.

Finally, I cleaned the outside of the jars with some glass cleaner, and they were ready to display! Look at that gorgeous glass!

Note: A reader just gave me a great tip for cleaning that sticky residue off of glass bottles and jars. She said to make a paste of olive oil and baking soda. You can even store it in a tightly sealed container so it's ready whenever you need it. To use, just spread it onto the glue residue and set it aside to sit for awhile. Then it's super easy to just wipe all that sticky residue off, saving our fingernails! Great tip, thanks Sharon! 👍

clean labels to display glass bottles

amber glass bottle collection with rustic pumpkin

I love how the amber glows when the light from outside shines through it! It was a cloudy day when I snapped these pictures, but you can still see that pretty glow! The brown glass is so perfect for creating cozy fall vignettes!

white dresser with amber glass bottles and fall vignette

I set my reclaimed amber glass bottles on the white cottage dresser in our sunroom. This is a favorite piece of furniture to display seasonal items.

The pizza pan wreath that I made last week is here, as is the farmhouse beaded garland with fluffy tassels (two dollar store projects).

fall decor with amber glass bottles

This corner has a couple of cozy chairs with plaid throws and pillows that have gorgeous texture. And of course our farmhouse laminate floors make our home look updated and so, so pretty!

amber bottles glow

This collection of amber bottles really shines in this spot. Who knew that I had so many amber bottles in my home already?!  I'll certainly be on the hunt for some real vintage pieces to add to my collection but this was a great way to get started!

I'll bet you have some amber glass already too! Check your soap bottles, medicine bottles, even soda bottles! Rather than toss them once you've used up what's inside, clean them and create your own pretty amber glass collection! The warm color is ideal for Fall decorating, but they make a great collection to keep out all year too!

You could add rustic fall stems or cotton to your brown bottles to really create a cozy fall feel in your home! How would you decorate with amber bottles?

close up of amber bottles

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amber glass bottles in fall decor

collage of Fall projects
bringing beauty to the ordinary, 

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  1. You are so smart to shop your home for amber bottles. I'm thinking about the vanilla bottle in my kitchen cabinet and how it is now destined for home decor once I finish using it.

    1. Yes, the vanilla bottle! That's the perfect shape and color! Thanks Paula ;)

  2. Amber glass has become a fast favorite for me. I love the way you have styled and updated your bottles. It's especially fun for Fall.

  3. I have also been using some olive oil amber bottles once empty!

  4. You have opened my eyes to sources of amber glass around the house! And that was a great tip from a reader about how to remove the sticky residue.

    1. Thanks Jane, yes I'll be using that tip for the next time!!

  5. Cindy,

    These bottles are so pretty and are perfect with your fall decor! I love being able to reuse bottles like that too! Thanks for the tips for removing the labels.

  6. Well Cindy I am now on the hunt for some amber glass bottles around my home! You are so clever and yours are just beautiful! I love the vignette on your white dresser! Pinned!

  7. I love amber glass bottles as well! I know this is going to sound boneheaded but I've always used vintage amber glass bottles and never thought about reusing the ones from essential oils, soaps, etc. Duh! Sometimes I just gotta laugh at myself :) Thanks so much for the tip!

    1. Haha, thanks so funny! I'd prefer vintage bottles, but this was my thrifty solution 😉

  8. Love amber bottles...especially with fall decor! And gosh, you're so clever! I never would have thought of those other bottles, but that's so smart. xoxo


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