Turn a Pinecone into a Pumpkin

Did you know you can create pumpkins from pinecones? Follow the step by step tutorial below to create the cutest pumpkin that you will love to display every Fall! 

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If you live somewhere with abundant pinecones, you need to make a pinecone pumpkin!

I've been crafting DIY pumpkins for years, they're my favorite Fall craft! Here are some of the ones I've made:

Whew, that's a LOT of pumpkin crafts! And this isn't even all of them! I just haven't met a pumpkin I don't like and every fall I love to fill my home with my handcrafted pumpkins!

I was inspired to try to make a pinecone pumpkin because I had a store bought one in my stash that I really liked. It's not made with real pinecones, it only looks like it is.

It got me thinking and wondering if I could recreate a pumpkin like this one with real pinecones!

Well, obviously I figured it out 😉 and the result is one of my very favorite DIY pumpkins of all time! It turned out so cute and I love to bring it out and decorate with it for the fall season.

I would love to share the full step by step pictorial with you, you'll find it HERE >  How to Make a Pinecone Scale Pumpkin. You too will be able to make the cutest pinecone pumpkins following this tutorial! Let me know if you make one!

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