Cedar Rosemary DIY Wreath with Faux Sugared Cranberries

Make a fragrant cedar and rosemary wreath topped with faux sugared cranberries! A wonderfully easy and inexpensive wreath or DIY candle rings for the holidays.

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Hi friend! The holidays will be here before we know it, and I love to prepare early to reduce anxiety! I shopped my yard (and the pond across the street) to create these simple cedar and rosemary wreaths. Topped with faux sugared cranberries, they not only look festive but they smell amazing!

Welcome to the October Pinterest Challenge, hosted by my friend Cindy at County Road 407. We are a team of bloggers who love to craft and decorate. Once a month we are issued a challenge and we each put our own spin on it to make it our own! It's a great way to show you how to use what you have and what you love, to create something beautiful! If you hopped over here from Our Southern Home, welcome! Doesn't Christy's cranberry and walnut goat cheese log look delish? You'll be able to view all the recipes and projects below.


Today it's all about cranberries and anything goes! Isn't this a beautiful image?

I'm pretty sure the first thing you think about when you see a jar of cranberries is some kind of recipe! And that's great because I love eating cranberries and I know there are some amazing recipes being shared today.

I am a diehard crafter, and I decided to make a wreath and some candle rings. I love the evergreens with the bright red cranberries and that was my starting point!

We're in that sort of awkward time of year when you still have the Fall decor out because Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but it's time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays!

As a DIY blogger, I'm usually several weeks ahead of everyone else, and after fretting about it for a few years, I've just learned to go with it! So if it's too early for you to be thinking about a holiday-ish wreath, just pin the image to revisit it in a month! 

Last year I made a DIY herb wreath from the abundance of fresh rosemary in my yard. I was inspired by that wreath to make another, but this time using fresh cut cedar as the base with some rosemary sprigs on top. I cut sprigs of greenery and wired them onto a wreath form in the same way.

You can find the easy herb wreath tutorial here, I'm not going to share it again. It's as simple as wiring bundles of greenery around a wreath form. I will say that there are a few tips to follow when you're making a fresh greenery wreath to ensure the best results.

Tips for making a fresh greenery wreath

  • soak cut greenery stems in water until you're ready to assemble your wreath
  • wash the greenery in a sink to remove any outdoor critters, webs, etc
  • plan for your wreath to gradually fade from bright green to a dull green
  • keep fresh greenery wreath out of direct sun to allow the color to last as long as possible
  • if you make the rosemary (or another herb) wreath, you can harvest from it for several months!

Oh man, a fresh cedar rosemary wreath smells SO amazing! I had cut plenty of cedar and rosemary so decided to make some smaller candle rings too. I'll be showing you how to add the faux sugared cranberries to these smaller wreaths as well as the larger one.


  • fresh cedar rosemary wreath (click here for the basic tutorial)
  • red berries (I found some at the dollar store, but these would also work)*
  • hot glue
  • matte mod podge
  • Epsom salts or just table salt
  • ultra fine glitter
  • something to protect your work surface and catch the salts and glitter
*you can use foam berries or even wood beads that you paint red!

How to make a cedar rosemary wreath with faux sugared cranberries

Make the wreath(s), following the step by step instructions in the tutorial linked above. I used multiple bundles of cedar with a couple of rosemary sprigs for my wreath. You can omit the rosemary if you don't have it.

Add cranberries to wreath

Hot glue the berries around the wreath. Clusters of two or three make more of an impact.

If you want to make the candle rings, wire a long sprig of cedar to itself (you won't use a wreath base of any kind). I found three cranberries looked best on these smaller wreaths, spaced evenly apart.

Faux sugared cranberries

Next, brush a thin layer of mod podge onto each cranberry and along the tops of the greenery. Immediately sprinkle with salt and glitter (I was trying to only use what I had on hand and I was out of Epsom salts; regular salt worked in a pinch!). Don't worry about the white glue, it will dry clear. Adding some of the faux sugar to the greenery itself makes the whole wreath look a little more magical! Shake off the excess salt and glitter and set wreath aside to fully dry.

Finally add a pretty bow and hang the wreath up somewhere out of direct sunlight.

I've been working on a guest room makeover, which I'll be sharing soon. Mr DIY and I made this farmhouse wood piece with these black farmhouse hooks for extra decorating space and it was just calling for a cedar rosemary wreath with sugared cranberries, LOL! I think it looks so charming.

The candle rings fit on top of a candle holder. I used some thrifted brass ones in my dining room, which is still decorated for Fall because Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I've got some fun ideas that I'll be doing in here to celebrate!

The faux sugared cranberries add the perfect pop of color to the DIY candle rings, and the sugar on the wreath looks like frost! I used some of my chunky drippy DIY candles and it makes such a pretty table setting with my vintage white ironstone.

It's so pretty and such a simple way to decorate! I love decorating with items from nature whenever I can.

I hope you're inspired to make a cedar wreath with faux sugared cranberries for your home decor! Let me know in the comments if you try this easy wreath tutorial.

Tip: make some extra faux sugared cranberries so you have them ready to decorate other areas of your home when the holidays roll around. I'm going to add a few to my fake cake and use as holiday decor!

Marty of A Stroll Thru Life is next and she's sharing ideas for decorating and baking with cranberries! I hope you give her a visit, and then come back and see what the other girls shared with cranberries as their inspiration!

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  1. HI Cindy! Love this pinned and pinned! I have a bag full of faux cranberries! xo laura

    1. Thanks Laura, sounds like you need to make some wreaths!

  2. Cindy
    These wreaths are so cute.

  3. I am in fresh crafting heaven here Cindy! I LOVE this. The candle rings are as equally gorgeous. I'd be such a rude guest sitting at that table. I wouldn't be able to put my phone down to visit or eat for taking so many photos. Seriously, so beautiful. Thanks for joining the PC group. pinned!

    1. Haha, thanks Cindy! That would be a huge compliment if my guests did that, you are welcome at my table any time!

  4. I forgot to mention. When I think of cranberries, it's not a recipe I think of. It's the can ridges! LOLOLOLOL

    1. Oh so funny, my mom always made fresh cranberry sauce so I didn't even know it came in a jar until I was married!

  5. Cindy, I love both wreath ideas!! It's fun to make little wreaths to put around candlesticks and they do look so festive. <3 I totally love how your cedar and rosemary large wreath turned out!! I have a rosemary bush in a pot that could use a good haircut... ;)

    Thank you for these craft ideas,
    Barb :)

    1. Thank you Barbara, go give your rosemary a haircut and make a wreath!

  6. CIndy, I love this idea. I've never thought about making fresh candle rings. I bet they do smell amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Christy, they smelled so good while I was making them!

  7. I'm always learning cute and clever crafts from you Cindy and you never seem to run out of them! I must say this is my kind of Christmas decor, and I just love your wreath and candle rings! Pinning!

    1. Aww, that's just the kindest compliment Michelle! Thank you so much!

  8. Fresh greenery always smells so wonderful and the wreath is gorgeous. I love the small ones you used for your candles too. Never thought about using faux cranberries to sugar. That is genius, then they last all season. Love this idea.

    1. Thank you Marty, yes I wish I could bottle the smell!! It is wonderful! Happy to inspire friend!

  9. These are so beautiful! Love the hanging wreath and around the candleholders! LOVE!!!

  10. This is beautiful! I've pinned it and can't wait to give it a try!

  11. Love this so much! I can't wait to try it! Pinned.

  12. Cindy, I love how colorful and simple your cranberry rosemary wreath is. We have a big rosemary bush so I can definitely use your idea. Love adding the glitter for a sugared look. Keep up the good work.

  13. These are so beautiful and I bet they smell amazing with the fresh cedar and rosemary! It was so clever how you made sugared cranberries. It is always so much fun to see your creative crafts! Wishing you a beautiful week, Cindy!

  14. This is just the cutest Cindy. I can't wait to share this on my Saltwater Sounds this weekend.

  15. This is a STUNNING way to use greenery for Christmas! I can't believe how easy it is to make those sugared cranberries...incredible!! That pretty ribbon just top it all off. Pinned!!


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