Pine Cabinet Decorated for St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day vintage inspired decor for a hutch, cabinet or even bookshelves. Read all my tips and ideas to get a 'Luck O the Irish' look on a budget!
ironstone bowl, pinecones, greenery, green check tablecloth
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Whether you decorate for Saint Paddy's day or not, the tips I'm about to share with you can apply to ANY season, or whenever you need to create a unified or themed look on a tiny budget!

I've found myself drawn to green in a whole new way lately, and challenged myself to decorate my primitive pine cabinet with a vintage St Patrick's day theme, even though:
  1. I'm not Irish
  2. I don't own any Irish stuff
  3. I don't need to be Irish to consider myself lucky, ha! 🍀
I didn't go out and purchase anything, other than 2 items from Dollar Tree, to create the wreath hanging on the door of the hutch. You'll find a link to the DIY below.

I used items from around my home, and some clever faking to get a vintage look in my pine hutch. It feels a little busy and crowded, and I'm already itching to switch it out for Easter, but before I do, read on for my tips to faking a vintage St Patrick's day theme in your own home even if you're not Irish either!

Tips to Fake St Patrick's Day Decor for Just Pennies

One of the items that I've collected for years is antique and vintage white ironstone. I've purchased it from thrift stores around the county, for just pennies. I love white dishware because it goes with anything! And honestly, when I find a newer piece in a shape that I love, for the right price, I buy it! You'd be surprised how well newer pieces blend in with old!

Pro tip: even if you don't a single piece of true vintage ironstone, you can pick up white dishes for very little at the thrift store, Amazon, even the dollar store! Keep your eyes out for interesting pieces.


Tip #1: White Dishes to Fill a Space

My first tip, using white dishware to fill a space, is genius! Stacks of dishes, cups, larger urns and casseroles, help to fill in the bulk of a space, whether it's a hutch or bookshelf. Then, you can strategically add your decorative pieces and it looks like you have more than you actually do!

And if you're not a fan of vintage decorating, you could just as easily create a St Patrick's Day look in your cabinet with modern pieces by implementing my tips!

Tip #2: Green Glass Bottles

I had just finished a bottle of Topo Chico Lime Twist and went to throw the bottle out, when the green glass sparkled at me and sparked this idea!

After removing the label and all the sticky residue, and giving it a good wash, that soda bottle looked remarkably Irish to me, haha! I was so excited when I found a couple other green bottles around my house, in different sizes!

Pro tip: To clean the sticky residue from bottles and jars, mix a paste of baking soda and olive oil together. Rub this onto the bottle and in just a few minutes you should be able to remove all the sticker glue! If you make more paste than you can use, cover it and keep it under your sink for the next time you need it!

Tip #3: Green Books

Adding even just a few books with green spines, help to support the St Patrick's Day theme, no matter the subject matter! I found these at Goodwill for just a buck or two because the spines are damaged. To me, that just adds authenticity and vintage goodness!

Pro tip: Can't find any green books? Consider painting them! You can buy inexpensive books at the dollar store or thrift store. Give the jackets and spine a couple coats of green chalk paint, and finish up with clear wax to get a sheen. You could also distress them a little with dark wax or even a permanent brown ink pad!

Tip #4: Print it

One of my hottest tips when you're trying to create a theme and you're on a budget, is to print free graphics! These vintage St Patrick's Day postcards are from The Graphics Fairy. I printed them at home onto white cardstock and cut them out with pinking shears to get that diamond edge. I then used an ink pad to distress the edges slightly so they didn't look freshly printed!

Pro tip: One of my favorite ways to display postcards or other items you want to stand securely, is metal flower frogs. Normally used to support flower stems in a vase, the spikes of these flower frogs will help to support a photograph or card as well! 

Tip #5: Make it

Chances are, if you're reading this post, you are fairly crafty - as in you enjoy crafting, not that you're scheming and devious, ha 😉

The supporting players in my little hutch display were easy and very inexpensive to make and I've got tutorials for each one!

You'll notice I also added brass candlesticks for a little St Paddy's Day golden glow, but you could also fill a bowl with gold coins from the dollar store!

I like to incorporate a little warmth and texture with wood and wicker just to balance out all the white, as well as to keep the display from looking too is still winter after all!

I added this inexpensive green and white check tablecloth to extend the look onto my dining table, with a simple centerpiece of pinecones and greenery in a vintage ironstone bowl.    

I hope you are inspired by these ideas and excited to find some items around your own home to incorporate into your St Patrick's Day display! As always, I love when you leave a comment when my ideas have inspired you. 🍀

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