How to Make DIY Ghosts and Goblins From Fluffy Socks

Turn fluffy socks into the cutest ghosts and goblins. This no-sew, sustainable Halloween project takes just 5 easy and inexpensive supplies. Video tutorial included.
white fuzzy sock ghosts

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Soft and fluffy pillows have been all the rage across social media for the last couple of years. Pottery Barn's seasonal Sherpa pillows are expensive though ($50-$70 each!), and I set out to make an inexpensive dupe. Mine aren't really pillows, they're too small for that, but they have the same snugly look and feel as the more expensive versions.

My DIY sock ghosts and black jack o lantern pumpkins have all that cozy cuteness without the high price tag! I can't wait to show you how easy they are to make!
I have been trying to use up supplies in my craft room. One of the items I purchased last year was a set of women's fleece socks in the softest colors. I used a single sock to make a snowman, and the rest have just been taking up valuable real estate! It was time to do something with them and what better and sustainable way to use up craft supplies than making some easy seasonal decorations!

Let's make some sock ghosts and goblins! I'll walk you through the pictorial below, and you'll find a 1-minute video tutorial at the end.

How to make inexpensive Sherpa ghosts and goblins from socks!

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy these Halloween cuties are to make, and the supplies list is short!

Supplies you'll need

optional supplies:

*I've made many projects with dried beans/rice and never had an issue with critters. I store my items in a sealed plastic bin in the attic. You could always use non-edible stuffing beads like these if you are worried about critters.

Why do you need the dried beans?

You could technically get away with not using anything, but the purpose of the dried beans is to add a little bit of weight and structure to the bottom of the ghost. It simply helps the DIY ghost to stand up and not fall over!

What other materials can I use for these DIY ghosts?

You could use anything with a fluffy, soft and fuzzy texture! If you can't find socks in the colors you like, you could use an inexpensive baby blanket (I've seen them at Marshalls and TJMaxx for under $10) or consider purchasing Sherpa fabric from the craft store! Just keep in mind that my tutorial is for repurposing socks, not a length of fabric.

Steps to make DIY sock ghosts

All steps are illustrated below, you can also watch the short video tutorial below.

  1. Cut heel off sock
  2. Fill with stuffing
  3. Make sure it resembles ghost shape (adjust if needed)
  4. Add 1/8-1/4 cup dried beans
  5. Hot glue open end closed
  6. Cut out felt eyes and glue in place
  7. Stamp BOO onto a fabric tag and glue in place (optional)
It's amazing to me how much a fluffy sock is able to stretch! Be sure to use enough stuffing to really fill the ghost and make it fairly solid. Of course, it will still be soft and squishy!

Please note that these DIY sock ghosts should not be used as toys for children or pets, they are strictly for decoration.

The big eyes and soft texture makes these DIY ghosts irresistable!

I couldn't resist styling them on a chippy white doll's bed that I used in my Black and White Spooky Cute Halloween Vignettes post!

If you'd like to watch the short video tutorial for these DIY sock ghosts, please click here.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the black goblins or jack o lanterns, also made from fuzzy socks! The steps to make them can be found in my popular Sweater Sleeve Pumpkins post, the process is very similar, but you'll be using socks! I cut out a goblin face from white felt and hot glued it onto the sock pumpkins. I will be sharing a sock pumpkin tutorial very soon, so be watching for that.

Please reach out if you have any questions, I'm happy to help!

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  1. OMGSH! Cindy, these ghosts and jack-o-lanterns are ADORABLE!
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  3. Very cute and clever too!

  4. I can't even. Socks. Who knew they'd make the most enchanting ghosts and pumpkins? Now I wish I had nice socks to work with because even I could manage to squeak a couple of these out! So adorable!


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