How to Make Fuzzy Pumpkins from Socks

This tutorial will show you step by step how to turn fuzzy socks into the most fluffy and adorable pumpkins! Video tutorial included.
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They're so fluffy! Are you drawn to all the soft and fuzzy things? If you're looking for an easy fall project that requires minimal supplies, you just might want to make a batch of these fuzzy sock pumpkins!

You'll use just a small dab of hot glue, and you won't need to thread a needle! These DIY pumpkins couldn't be easier to make, I promise! I'm including a short video tutorial to show you exactly how to make these fluffy pumpkins, step by step. Be sure to read my Tips for Success below, to help you turn out the cutest sock pumpkins!

green, gray, pink fluffy sock pumpkins, jute stems

I'm sharing all the steps below so you can have fuzzy sock pumpkins in no time at all! You can make them any color you want, add a stamped tag like I did, or add some felt leaves. They'll be the perfect addition to your fall decor whether you make them in traditional fall colors, or pastels like I have.

pink sock pumpkin, stamped tag

I recently shared the cutest fluffy sock DIY ghosts and goblins that I made, and these sock pumpkins are just as soft and fluffy! Let's get right into the supplies and the tutorial!

Supplies Needed

optional supplies:

alphabet stamps
black ink for fabric
- coffee stained drop cloth (instructions are available on this post)

*short socks are best for this project as we'll be cutting them and discarding the heel portion

**I've made many projects with dried beans/rice and never had an issue with critters. I store my items in a sealed plastic bin in the attic. You could always use non-edible stuffing beads like these if you are worried about critters.

How to make fluffy sock pumpkins

The steps below are shared in picture format a little further down, as well as a video tutorial, so refer to both as you are making your sock pumpkins. And feel free to reach out with any questions!

Step 1: cut sock

Lay sock flat, and cut straight across at the heel. Discard the shorter piece, unless you used tall socks (make another pumpkin with the tall portion following these directions for sweater sleeve pumpkins).

Step 2: add some dried beans

Pour about 1/4 cup of dried beans into the bottom of the sock. This is just to add a little stability. You can omit if desired, or use another item as mentioned in the supplies list.

Step 3: stuff sock

Firmly stuff sock with polyester fiberfill. You will add more than you think you'll need! Just keep stuffing and pressing down so you have an even fill.

Step 4: tie top

Use jute twine to tightly tie the pumpkin at the top. Double knot for security. 

Please note: DON'T CUT the jute! We'll be working with a long strand of jute and there's no way to know how long you'll need it, so keep the roll or ball intact until we're finished with the stem.

Step 5: make segments

Wrap the jute from the top down and around the bottom of the pumpkin, bringing it back up to the stem. Wrap it around the stem and continue until you have 6-8 pumpkin segments. Again, don't cut the jute!

Tip: as you bring the jute to the top, pull on it slightly so the pumpkin segments look indented.

Step 6: make stem

Wrap the jute tightly around the top of the pumpkin to create a stem. Pull tightly so jute is secure. Once the stem is as tall as you want it, cut the top of the sock, then use a little hot glue to secure the jute around the top to create a seamless stem.

steps to make sock pumpkin
If you are unclear about any of these directions, you can watch this short video tutorial here.

fuzzy sock pumpkin with jute stem

Once you make one sock pumpkin, you'll get the hang of it and the rest of them will go faster and be easier!

Tips for Success

  • stuff the pumpkin so it's firm
  • when wrapping the jute around the pumpkin to make segments, pull snugly, and wrap the jute around the base of the stem before moving on to another segment
  • pull that jute tightly when making the stem, otherwise it may unravel or look loose; you may need to overlap the jute to cover the sock completely
  • you'll need just a little glue on the very top of the stem to secure the jute in a circle and cover up the sock

If you'd like to include a stamped tag, you can use cardstock or coffee-stained fabric like I did. Hot glue the tag to the base of the stem.

sock pumpkins, white rustic bowl

The tag certainly isn't necessary, but it's a charming little detail that makes these DIY pumpkins that much more special!

Idea: Stamp the name of your Thanksgiving guests and include a pumpkin at each place setting! What a fun gift for your family and friends to take home with them!

I had so much fun turning fuzzy socks into these cute pumpkins and I hope you love this idea! Let me know in the comments below if you plan to make sock pumpkins this year! Also check out links to a few additional DIY pumpkins below.


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  1. These are the most adorable pumpkins ever!!!!! The colors you used are seriously perfect!!! I always love your your diys. Thanks so much for sharing another wonderful project.


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