Winter Kitchen Refresh - 7 Easy Tips

Refresh your kitchen for winter with these 7 simple tips to infuse life and warmth into your home during the coldest months!
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If the gray days of winter are getting your down, you might find that a kitchen refresh is in order!

After the clutter and chaos of Christmas, these 7 easy tips will help you gain control over your kitchen again.

Tips to refresh your kitchen for winter

My kitchen was a hot mess after the busyness of the holidays. Putting the Christmas decor back in the attic was only the first step to regaining my home!

The following easy steps will help you see your kitchen with fresh new eyes, and maybe you'll even be motivated to make a fresh batch of muffins or homemade soup!

1. Clean counters

My counters had gotten so cluttered the last few months that I didn't even want to be in my kitchen!

If you're like me, you're ready for a refresh!

Here's what to do:
  1. Remove anything from your counters that isn't serving you.
  2. Discard trash, donate items you no longer use or want (go through a few cupboards while you're at it!)
  3. Clean counters with something that smells invigorating and refreshing. I personally love the Lemon Verbena counter spray from Mrs Meyers.
  4. Be strategic with what goes back on your counter. Keep out only small appliances that get daily use. 

2. Add greenery

Is greenery an essential element necessary for a kitchen to function? No. However, fresh plants have air purifying qualities, and there's just something about a live plant that refreshes the senses!

I have a few pothos ivy that are nearly impossible to kill as they need scant water and do well in dark places.

If you've got a black thumb, artificial greenery is a great substitute! I left up the faux cedar garland around my hanging mug rack, and added a few neutral Valentines touches, which I'll be sharing soon.

3. Corral items on trays

Use a few small trays or baskets to corral like items together. Something magical happens when you use a tray, even a cutting board or pretty pedestal, to contain like items. On my stovetop I use a ceramic trivet to hold my oils and salt and pepper grinders.

4. New dish towels

A couple of new towels are a great and inexpensive way to refresh your winter kitchen! Purchase a new set of cotton tea towels, or knit a pile of cotton scrubbies (easy beginner project). HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJMaxx and Target are my favorite places to find cute and inexpensive tea towels!

A pile of knit cotton cloths looks charming next to the sink in a pretty pedestal

5. Decorate with cutting boards

I love combining woods and whites all year, but especially during the winter. Rather than keeping my wood cutting boards hidden away, I like to prop them up as backdrops. The warm tones of the wood soften and infuse warmth into the cool tones of the backsplash and counter.

You can see additional wood pieces on my counter, including a wood tray and candlestick holder that is doing double duty as a plant stand. The antique inspired wood stool is a new, "Merry Christmas to me" purchase and I absolutely love this little piece. It has the vintage vibes that I love, and it works in so many areas of my home (next to the tub, sofa, kitchen) to hold a few essentials or just pretties.

6. Decorate with light colors

I alluded to this above when I said I love combining woods and whites. Especially during the dark days of winter, light colors will help a kitchen feel bright and fresh! I've had this ruffled linen tablecloth for a couple years, and it's a favorite. I also like to put my collection of white vintage pitchers and mugs on display, and this year I've added some neutral Valentines decor touches that give a bright and cheerful feel to my winter kitchen!

7. Add warmth with lights

After the colorful and twinkling lights of Christmas, the winter months can feel especially bleak! I chose to leave out a few lighted garlands and I've added several battery operated candles on timers. When all the lights come on about 4 pm, it creates a cozy warmth to our home, which lasts all evening! These battery operated taper candles are a favorite, and they look surprisingly realistic. I also purchased some large wax battery operated pillar candles from Walmart (see on my table above). The whole candle glows and creates such a cozy ambiance in the evenings!

I hope these kitchen refresh tips are helpful and help you to stay cozy this winter ❤

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  1. Where did you find the hob nail candle holder?

    1. Thanks so much Lynette, it's a true vintage piece of milk glass that I inherited from my mom in law ♡


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