Easy DIY Winter Pom Pom Wreaths

Two versions of an easy pom pom wreath, one heart-shaped that is perfect for Valentines, the other uses wood beads along with pom poms. Both wreaths are neutral and can be used all year.

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I love cozy and this sweet handmade wreath is giving out big cozy vibes! I'll share a surprising source for inexpensive jumbo pom poms, and a dollar store supply you'll want to get your hands on! Let's make a wreath using just a few supplies!

Easy DIY Winter Pom Pom Wreath

Is there anything as cozy as pom poms? Well okay, sure there is! But I think you'll agree that using pom poms in your decor is a great way to cozy up your winter home! And it's especially sweet when the supplies are simple, minimal and so inexpensive!

Here's what you'll need to make a pom pom wreath.


*you can use a large pom pom maker and chunky neutral yarn to make your own pom poms, or you can pick up premade pom poms. My poms started life as trim that I found at Hobby Lobby (unfortunately I can't find them online but I would still check in store - near the fabrics and other home decor trims). I simply cut the pom poms from the edging. Here's a pic of what it looks like.


I'll show you below how to make two different styles of pom pom wreaths - first and heart shaped wreath, and then a round pom pom wreath with wood beads. Both wreath are cozy, neutral enough to leave out all year, and very easy to make.

Heart Shape Pom Pom Wreath

I used the medium ring (9.8") from a set of brass wreath rings that I found at the Dollar Tree.

The first step was to snip the ring to open it up. I used wire snips, but Mr DIY saw me, rolled his eyes and said, "you're going to ruin those", and used a Dremel with a cutting tool for the other rings. Use your discretion, just don't use scissors 😉

Once the ring was cut, I shaped it into a heart. It took a bit of muscle, but was fairly simple to do, and the heart doesn't have to be perfect by any means!

To thread the pom poms onto the wire wreath, I squished them to find the middle and gently poked the end of the wire through the center. I did have a few strands come loose, but the pom poms were easy to thread right onto the wire form, no glue needed!

I threaded that first pom pom to the middle of the heart wreath, where the bend is. After that, I worked one side at a time until the wreath was full.

I tried hot glue to join the snipped wire back together, but it wouldn't hold, so I used a small piece of electrical tape*. I slightly overlapped the wire before pulling the tape securely around the pieces. 

Then I just shifted the pom poms so the tape was covered.

* If you're wondering why I have electrical tape in my craft room, I use it often to cover bar codes or labels on boxes when I'm recycling a box to ship a package. The tape works better than Sharpie!

This neutral heart wreath was so fast to make and I love the cozy factor! I tried a couple of different ways to display it.

The  palest pink ribbon adds a touch of simple sweetness, especially when paired with other pink items like my chenille hearts and a pretty pearl garland.

The chippy spindle candlestick holder I propped the wreath on is an easy DIY. I made a few of them some time ago, you can check out that tutorial here.

Next I hung the wreath in our winter blues bedroom, switching out the ribbon for a blue velvet ribbon with frayed edges from Hobby Lobby. Keep reading to see how to make another version of the pom pom wreath.

Round Pom Pom and Wood Bead Wreath

For this wreath, I used the largest ring from the package, which was 14". I snipped it again to open it up (well, Mr DIY did - properly this time haha!) Of course, you could form the larger circle into a heart if you wanted!

I followed the same method of stringing the pom poms onto the wire wreath, the difference is that I added a jumbo wood bead in between each pom pom.

This wreath turned out really cute too, and can be used anywhere you want to add a cozy vibe.

A wreath is even great hanging from a dresser, like this roadside find that I added vintage cottage vibes to - see the makeover here.

I'd love to know which cozy pom pom wreath you like better, the heart shaped one or the larger wreath with pom poms and wood beads. Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I think they are equally cute!

  2. I love pom poms so o course I love this wreath, Cindy. I’m thinking that you could combine two of the metal wreaths to make one large heart? With it without the beads, it’s a darling project.


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