Planting Pansies in a Basket

Tips for planting pansies in a thrifted basket to use either indoors or outdoors for a beautiful pop of Spring color

Spring has sprung and if you're like me, you are loving all the blooms and craving color in your home and yard!

Today we're talking about container gardening and I'm sharing easy tips for creating a basket filled with pansies. You can use the planted basket indoors or out, and I'll share more ideas below.

Pinterest Challenge

It's Pinterest Challenge, hosted by the amazing  Cindy of County Road 407 and the team is sharing lots of ideas for creating beautiful container gardens. If you hopped over here from Kristin at White Arrows Home, welcome! I am always inspired by her ideas! You will find all the links at the bottom of my post.


Our inspiration image comes from  Carlene at Organized Clutter. Her garden post is an oldie, but filled with so many inspiring ideas for container gardening. She uses many old containers, that some might consider junk, and they are spilling over with beautiful blooms! You'll want to head over and take a closer look because there's just so much to see! If you love flowers, you will be amazed at all the ideas. And I'm personally excited to make my own vintage Jello mold toadstools to add to a future garden.

If you're new to Pinterest Challenge, our goal is to use the inspiration as just that - not necessary to recreate the look in its entirety, but rather the  feel. It's always fun to see all the variety we get from this talented group!

Update on our housing situation

Mr DIY and I will not be renewing the lease on our MS home later this Spring. We don't know yet where we'll be moving, but we're already packing (pray for me!). This home has served us so well for the 2 years we've lived here, but it's time to move on. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we wait with hope and expectation for God to direct our path and our next steps in this journey.

Last year we planted a garden and had dozens of pots filled with flowers and plants from dragon fruit to herbs to hydrangeas started from leaf cuttings. 

This year, with a move on the horizon, we are not planning to do any of that.

You can easily enjoy the look of a planted container, even if it's for a limited time. No mess, no fuss, no commitment!

I absolutely love the idea of using thrifted or just old pieces as containers for flowers. There is something so exciting about seeing bright, beautiful blooms in something old and rustic!

How to plant pansies in a wicker basket

Last Fall I thrifted this long white handled basket. I think I paid $2.99 for it and I knew it would be a great vessel for Spring flowers. At the time, I wasn't sure if I would use real or faux flowers, I just knew the basket was too good to pass up.

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Fast forward to about a month ago when I spotted pansies at our local Home Depot. Pansies are one of my favorite Spring flowers, they are vibrant and so cheerful looking!

I purchased 5 pansies for $1.98 each, brought them home and set them on our back patio where they would get lots of sun and rain.

I decided to plant them in the white thrifted basket while LEAVING THEM in their growing pots. Pansies don't have a really long growing season here in Mississippi. Once the weather heats up, they are done. We have had a cool Spring so far, and they have been thriving, but I know their time is limited.

Here is what I used to temporarily plant pansies in a wicker basket.


  • long wicker basket
  • 5 pansy plants
  • plastic bags
  • moss

If you have no plans to move anytime soon 😉 and want to  permanently plant your flowers in the container you're using, you'll need to:
  1. poke draining holes in bottom of vessel
  2. remove plants from store pots
  3. add extra soil to fill in container

Tips to temporarily plant pansies in a basket

The beauty of using a basket, bucket or other container for your plants is that they can easily be moved. Brought inside and taken back out, or moved around the yard to take advantage of rain, sun and even shade when needed!

Adding pansies to a basket really couldn't be easier, but I'll show you below exactly what I did so you can recreate this at home if you'd like.

Step One - Line basket

I used white plastic bags because they match my basket and are less likely to be seen through the wicker. I folded the edges of the bags to tuck them down into the bottom of the basket.

The plastic bags protect the basket from moisture and soil. Of course, you'll want to be careful not to overwater as you don't want your plants sitting in a pool of water that can't drain. 

Tip: You could always poke a few holes in the bottom of the plastic bags to allow drainage, especially if your basket will stay outside.

Step Two - Add flowers

I left the pansies in their store pots, and inserted them into the plastic-lined basket. Before doing this, I removed any dead leaves and flowers. Five pots of pansies was the perfect size for this wicker basket. I was able to nestle them close together.

Step Three - Fill in with moss

I used handfuls of green moss and tucked it around the edges of the basket to hide the plastic bag and pots. This really is the finishing touch that makes your basket look full and lush.

Additional tips:

  • be sure to water the pansies thoroughly the day before planting them in a basket (this keeps the moisture level under control)
  • I would suggest when watering to water more often with less water (this prevents sogginess)
  • if using basket of flowers inside the house, take outside every couple days for sunshine (this encourages new blooms and keeps the plants happy)

I'm using this basket of pansies as a centerpiece in my kitchen. There's nothing like fresh flowers inside the house!

I have been taking the pansies outside for sun every couple of days, and they have been thriving for a month now with continuous blooms!

Be sure to visit CoCo of The Crowned Goat next and see how she used a wheelbarrow for her container garden - so clever! The full line up of gardening ideas is below.

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  1. I totally understand why you don't want to plant another garden this year. Praying for y'all. Thank you for joining us. The basket of pansies is beautiful and I love how it will look great anywhere. I think I'm going to do that for an easter centerpiece this year. We are having 2 tables so that idea will bring the tables together. pinned

    1. Thank you Cindy, so glad I inspired your Easter table 😉

  2. Your pansies are beautiful and look so perky in your thrifted basket! I love the purple and white! I hope your house hunting goes well, and you find just what you need quickly. Praying for you two! Hugs!

  3. Such a perfect solution for limited-life pansies! Love that you didn't even repot! I am so taking that idea and running with it!!! Thanks for the inpso. Great to be hopping with you.

  4. Such a perfect solution for limited-life pansies! Love that you didn't even repot! I am so taking that idea and running with it!!! Thanks for the inpso. Great to be hopping with you.

  5. I love the happy faces of pansies, too:) I might need to do this and enjoy some inside while I'm waiting for our snow to melt:( Sorry you have to move again! But I know wherever you end up, you'll make it beautiful!

  6. What an amazing way to repurpose this fabulous basket while enjoying some springtime blooms too, Cindy! I could definitely see using this as a gift ideas as well. It would be such a fun make and take. Adding my prayers to all the others who are lifting you up right now. Moving is never easy so I hope you land in a spot that fills you with abundant joy. Big hugs, CoCo

  7. Cindy, I love your basket planting tutorial! I forget about just using a basket and lining it with plastic. Sooo easy!! Yes, I will keep your move in my prayers. I hope you find a new place to land. <3 Always stressful when it's time to move.

    Happy Easter and much love and hugs as you make this transition,
    Barb :)

    1. Thanks Barb, appreciate the prayers and good thoughts! Happy Easter!!

  8. Cindy, I love your basket tips and tricks. I love using baskets for plants also. Thanks for the helpful ideas.

  9. I love this idea. Planting pretty flowers in a basket is genius. Thanks, I am going to copy you. So pretty and so fun.

  10. Pansies are my favorite, what a beautiful project Cindy! Hugs :) Tanya @twelveOeight

  11. Your pansies are so pretty, Cindy. Perfect for spring!

  12. Cindy, your basket of pansies is beautiful. Using a plastic bag to project the basket is a smart move. We planted a huge bed of pansies in late fall and they still look gorgeous. As soon as it gets hot, we’ll have to pull them up. So sad because they are such a pretty flower. Good luck with deciding where to live. Back to Texas?


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