Creative Ways to Style a Wood Pedestal and Cloche

Combine a wood pedestal with a glass cloche for unlimited decorating options! Be inspired with these 6 unique and creative styling ideas.

If you love decorating on a dime, you'll enjoy these fun styling options when you combine a wood pedestal with a glass cloche. Oh the decorating possibilities!

I found both the wood pedestal and glass cloche at the thrift store, albeit a couple of years apart! Click here to see how I removed the dark stain from the pedestal using oven cleaner. Maybe you'll want to keep your eye out for these pieces when you're thrifting!

You might already own a wood pedestal and glass cloche but haven't thought to combine them together! Or maybe you have no idea how to style them. Let's look at a few options.

How to style a wood pedestal and glass cloche

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Even if you're not someone who enjoys moving home decor around for the seasons, I think you'll find a styling idea below that you will be excited to try!

Idea #1: Vintage flower frogs

I love to collect old metal flower frogs and use them as decor. I can't tell you how many times a (usually male) guest in our home has commented on them...what is this? what do you do with it? is it some kind of medieval torture device? LOL!

Nope. A flower frog is simply to hold flowers in place. Used in a vase, it is a hardworking tool that doesn't even get noticed! Let's change that and display a collection under a glass cloche! Do you think they look charming this way? Or is it a strange thing to display?

Idea #2: Seasonal items

I love decorating for all the seasons! It feels like Christmas morning when I unpack a box of seasonal decor that has been sitting in the attic for nearly a year! Are you the same?

We just celebrated Easter, and I couldn't help myself from styling a few of my pretty pink speckled painted eggs. The soft pink is a beautiful match with the natural wood tones of the pedestal. An ironstone creamer and a little bit of natural excelsior ground the display.

Another idea for Spring is to add a bird's nest, either one you found outside or even a store bought nest, to the pedestal. I made this birds nest from a leftover bit of grapevine garland and spray adhesive. If you want to make your own,  my friend Cindy of County Road 407 has a great tutorial.

I topped the nest with a little green moss and some small speckled robin's eggs (painted using the same tutorial I shared above). Something this cute isn't even necessarily seasonal, and could stay on display for months.

Displaying an item under glass makes it feel a little magical, like a curated piece of art!

Idea #3: Spring painted flowerpots

My little collection of white painted terracotta pots is a favorite. If you've been around here for awhile you've seen them popping up all the time! Remember when I textured and aged them and made a beautiful Spring flower pot wreath? I recently added a handmade scalloped edge to a few, and, for those who have asked, I promise that tutorial will be coming soon!

Why not elevate a few favorite flower pots as decor? Fill with flowers or leave empty, they are beautiful both ways.

Idea #4: Favorite collectible teacup

I love to collect blue and white transferware, especially English made, and show it off in a multitude of ways. The blue and white teacups add such a pretty pop of color and make a delightful display on the wood riser.

Idea #5: Faux flowers

I love peonies! We used to have a peony bush in our garden when we lived in Oregon, and I always eagerly watched it bloomed each spring. I found some faux peonies that give almost the same vibes as the real ones. These pretty blush flowers are Spring perfection when displayed on a wood pedestal.

The peonies I have are from Michaels a couple years ago, and I can't find the exact ones. The linked peonies above are a close match.

Idea #6: Knit dishcloth and scrub brush

Here's a practical idea for all you who need something functional 😉😍 A few dishcloths or chunky cotton DIY knit scrubbies and a natural scrub brush next to the kitchen sink, is a fun way to add something decorative in the kitchen.

Here is another glass cloche I thrifted and paired with an ironstone plate as the base. A taller cloche allows for more decorating possibilities!

pedestal and cloche, vintage blue and white dishes

It's a favorite way to show off some of my vintage dishes. These blue and white Currier and Ives bowls were passed down from my mother-in-law and I love them! The teacups were thrifted.

pedestal and cloche, vintage dishes and teacups

I'd love to know your ideas for decorating a wood pedestal and cloche!

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  1. All great ideas! Love the added doily to the pedestal. I will be doing that one day. pinned

  2. I love this idea, Cindy, and am in the process of putting a vintage pedestal and cloche together! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration and how-to! Sandra

  3. Sorry! I am the writer behind the Anonymous comment, above! Thanks, Sandra

    1. Thanks Sandra, I appreciate your comment, and am so glad this post was timely for you!


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