Main Bedroom Refresh - Our Makeover Plans

Our main bedroom has been neglected and is sorely in need of a budget-friendly makeover! I'm sharing our plans to completely refresh this room in just 5 weeks time!
current bedroom

We have lived in our current home for almost 3 years. I think nearly every room in our home has had something done to it, with the exception of our Master bedroom. You know how it goes...we focus our efforts on the main living areas of a home first, right? 

Being busy with these other projects and room makeovers means we haven't had time to get to the main bedroom yet! But that is all about to change! I love adding our own style to our home and I've adopted the Modern Farmhouse look, incorporating aspects of cottage and shabby-chic in there as well!

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Let me show you some pictures of our main bedroom, highlight some of the trouble areas and then let you in on our plans for this space! 

clutter, dark walls, towels hanging on french doors to block light

Our main bedroom is too dark! There are no windows! The french doors used to be a large window before our addition was built (sunroom and my office). So the room can be very dark, especially when you hang beach towels on the french doors!! 

Clutter is king! Something just happens in a room when it's not your style. You get a little lazy, let the clutter build up, and you just don't really care because it doesn't look any better when it's cleaned up! This space also hosts a very large treadmill and a TV on a bookcase, none of which get much use.

green walls and mismatched furniture

Mismatched furniture! Our furniture, most purchased when we were newlyweds nearly 27 years ago, is somewhat mismatched. The dressers and Mr DIY's nightstand are a set, but the headboard and my nightstand don't match. It always bugs me that my nightstand is makes the lamps look goofy with one higher than the other.

dark walls and orangey finish on furniture

Green walls that date the room! This pea soup green is not my thing! It does nothing for the room but make it darker and feel dated! 


Here's our Plan for this Main Bedroom Makeover

Our goal for this space is to give it a European Farmhouse feel...a grown up space with beautiful accessories, that feels warm, inviting and pulled together. 

There are some minor repairs to tackle (like that chunk missing from the headboard) first and then a lot of projects that we will do ourselves.

  • Paint walls and add focal wall The first thing I want to do is paint the walls white to lighten and brighten the room. I am also going to create a focal wall behind the headboard. We were thinking of installing shiplap, but we've already used that in our home here and here. I wanted something affordable, with texture, that looked European, so we're going to add a faux brick wall!

  • Refinish furniture and replace hardware Our current furniture is fine, but I am tired of the orangey oak finish, so I'm hoping to find a way to lighten the finish. I am also going to replace the hardware to update the look.

  • Barn doors to replace french doors My plans also include barn doors to replace the french doors, which will give us more space when the doors are open to let in the light. Mr DIY is planning to build them himself to save money.

  • Ditch lamps for wall sconces I'm going to replace the lamps entirely with wall hung sconces as well as find a way to make our nightstands look more cohesive.

  • New bedding, rug and accessories I want the decor in our master to be minimal but beautiful. I've got some ideas that will emphasize the European Farmhouse look, without breaking the bank.

Here is a visual plan for our master bedroom makeover

our European farmhouse room plans
I hope you'll follow along over the next 5 weeks as we redo our Master bedroom! I'll be sharing all the changes that we make every week so you can see the progress along with us!

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This is my second time participating in the One Room challenge. I took part a few years ago when we turned a teen's bedroom into a restful guest retreat in our former home.

The One Room Challenge™ is a fun and inspiring twice a year event every Spring and Fall. Each round, twenty Featured Designers transform a space and share their progress each Wednesday. And each Thursday during the six weeks, everyone with a blog or Instagram account is welcome to join the fun as a Guest Participant! There's always a lot of inspiration and motivation to help you with planning your own room refresh! You can see it all by clicking here.

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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  1. I'm anxious to see your progress.

  2. Cant wait to see the finished results, especially since I need some ideas for my own bedroom. We moved in two years ago and my bedroom is so sad because just like you said, why bother with it when it just looks blahhh, even when your done cleaning etc. I do love your headboard and bedskirt! And please post your fav white for walls :}. Also, would you use chalk paint on furniture for best results? I have mismatched too :/. Another question, lol, If you had a four poster cherry wood bed (it was my moms) what color would you paint the dressers and night stands????? I'm at a lose...Thanks bunches!!!

    1. Thanks so much Sandra! I do love using chalk paint on furniture but I'm experimenting with a different product this time around! Going for more of a Restoration Hardware look! Stay tuned as I share all the may be the ideal solution for you too!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what the Master will look like. You won't believe our bed is almost the same with all the molding on the headboard. I want to do something to our bedroom too but Roy is not saying much; he thinks red oak should be red oak; not chalked painted or whitewashed!!! Sure hope I win this battle. I love what all you do. You do so good with refinishing pieces; I love to see how you makeover a piece. I'll be cheering you on and I love the Decor Board with the blue and gray barndoor. Talk with you soon,

    1. Thanks so much Jean. I was thinking about painting the headboard, but will decide once the brick wall is finished!

  4. Beautiful decoration ideas! I really appreciate your work and definitely will follow you. Please keep it up and thanks for sharing this nice post with us.


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