Gingerbread Crafts and Home Decor Ideas

Gingerbread lovers will enjoy this roundup of fabulous gingerbread crafts and seasonal DIY projects. Add a little gingerbread magic to your home this Christmas!

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All things gingerbread are certainly on trend this year! I don't normally follow decorating trends, I just do what I like, but as I looked back at my gingerbread crafts and projects over the years, I realized that I have a lot! I clearly like to decorate with all things gingerbread, so I thought I'd put them all together in one post so they were easier for you to find! Look for the blue/green links throughout the post!

Gingerbread DIY Ideas for the Home and Gifts

Why Decorate with Gingerbread?

So why is gingerbread decor so trendy, and why decorate with it at all? Here are a few reasons I've come up with, I'm sure you can think of more!
  1. gingerbread evokes Christmas
  2. gingerbread decor is cute
  3. gingerbread decorative items add a homey, warm feeling to your home
  4. you can craft gingerbread decor using pantry staples
  5. many of us have favorite memories of putting together gingerbread houses or baking gingerbread men with our families
  6. gingerbread treats are yummy and taste like the holidays!

If you like decorating with gingerbread men and houses, you'll love this lineup of inexpensive, thrifty gingerbread projects that you can make for your home! Try one or more this Christmas break and pin your favorites to save for inspiration! Included you'll find a shopping list for items to look for while you're out and about!


1. How to Make Dollar Store Decorated Gingerbread Houses

Normally by mid-December, there is nothing good left in the Christmas aisles at Dollar Tree. However, I recently found several items that came together to make the cutest decorated gingerbread houses, and I made 3 for less than $10! I bought three raw wood houses, mini jingle bells and a package of small wood cubes so they can stand up on their own. I also used red baker's twine, chestnut paint and this white puffy paint to give them the cutest gingerbread snowy personality.

Watch this short video to see how these sweet gingerbread houses came together.

I added the decorated houses to the primitive pine hutch in my dining room. You can see more of my Christmas dining room here and here.

I have lots of DIYs in this space, including my ornament upcycle projects and tree ribbon, and all are super budget friendly! Find links to the tutorials below:

2. How to Make a White Shiplap Gingerbread Cottage

Turn a store-bought gingerbread house kit into the most charming white shiplap cottage! The almond slice roof, fresh rosemary and candy windows give it so much extra charm! I'm planning to pack this away carefully (or keep it in my hutch) so I can reuse it next year!

3. How to Make Primitive Painted Cinnamon Gingerbread Men

What could be cuter than cinnamon scented gingerbread men? Enjoy this full tutorial and make some as gifts, to fill dough bowls, or just to have in your home because they are just so cute and smell like Christmas!

Other DIYs here include the chunky ticking stripe candy canes and the dollar store tile vintage inspired trees.

4. Wood Decorated Gingerbread Houses

Simple wood house cutouts can be decorated with white puffy paint to resemble gingerbread houses. I found these at Target Dollar Spot a couple years ago, but you can also easily make your own! Make enough so you have a village!

5. How to Make Dollar Store Tile Embossed Gingerbread Men

Those embossed tin-look tiles from the dollar store are perfect for making gingerbread men ornaments! This is an easy tutorial that anyone can do. Watch the video tutorial HERE. The scraps were cut into small gingerbread houses and hung as ornaments!

See how to make the little vintage inspired tinsel tree with doorknob base, shown above.

6. How to Make DIY Clay Gingerbread Man Reverse Canvas Sign

This tutorial will show you how to make gingerbread men cookies from air dry clay and then add a jumbo cookie to a reverse canvas sign for a unique piece to add to your Christmas decor!

I made a few smaller clay gingerbread men, and they are so charming when tied onto a gift or package! See more creative gift wrap ideas here.

7. Mom's Famous Soft Ginger Cookies Recipe

Lightly spiced, fluffy and soft, these ginger cookies have been a family favorite for many years! Everyone who tries them loves them, and we'd love you to add them to your favorites too! While these are reminiscent of gingerbread cookies, they're not as spicy, and we enjoy them all year long! See more of our family's favorite holiday treats perfect for sharing here.

8. How to Make Cinnamon Salt Dough Gingerbread Garland

I love making salt dough ornaments! It's just like making cookie dough, and the addition of cinnamon and coffee makes this craft dough ideal for gingerbread men! Watch this short video to see how to make the dough and the mini gingerbread man garland. These ornaments will keep for years, and they smell so good!

The Santa mini wood slice beaded garland is another budget friendly craft you might want to try! See more of my Christmas Santa coffee bar here.

9. How to Make Thrifty High Gloss Gingerbread Cottages

You can easily create gingerbread cottages from inexpensive ceramic houses! An affordable way to get the look without spending a lot of money. Read my tips for getting a high gloss look, and watch this video for tips to decorate the cottages.

Make this chippy white beaded wood tray for less than $20, the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves vintage items! 

I hope these ideas have you dreaming of gingerbread and maybe you'll take some time this holiday season to make a few of these gingerbread crafts!

Pin to Save

Many of the items I used for my gingerbread decor will be on clearance in the next few days and weeks, this is a great time to pick up some staples while you're out and about, even if you pack them away for next year. Screenshot this list so you have it with you!

Shopping List

  • ceramic houses
  • foam craft brushes
  • wood house shapes
  • gingerbread house kits
  • mini jingle bells
  • red and white baking twine
  • drop cloth
  • acrylic paints
  • air dry and paper clay
  • white puffy paint
  • red ticking and homespun fabrics
  • Dollar Tree tiles
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