The Secret to Saving Money on Fall Decor

Decorating for Fall can be done quickly, easily and on a budget! I'm sharing some of my best secrets for decorating your home for Fall! πŸπŸ‚

fall living room decor

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If you're reading this post, I'm about 95% certain that you love a good sale...

that you are on a budget...

and that you love home decor.

I really have no idea what the other 5% of you are doing must be my winning personality 😏

Decorating my home while spending the least amount of the green stuff as possible is super important to me too! And I never met a sale I didn't love! Today I'm dishing out some of my best secrets for saving money while decorating for Fall!

You can click on any of the images to shop my home.

Click here for the no-sew, no-commitment houndstooth pumpkin pillow tutorial.

Secret #1: Shop During Holiday Weekend Sales

This one is really a no-brainer, but in case you forgot, this weekend is Labor Day! I almost forgot because my schedule has been so out of whack since this whole pandemic thing and having my daughter doing virtual school and etc! Most of the time I can't remember what day it is or if I ate breakfast, LOL!

The thing I love best about shopping during holiday weekends is that many stores have amazing sales to entice you! Think Black Friday and Memorial Day. It's a great time to save money and grab those items you've had your eyes on! That's how I purchased the stair wraps that you see in the picture below - they were 50% off! Click here to find out more about them and to watch a short video tutorial to see how I installed them.

fall entry and stairs

Secret #2: Throw pillows are your best friend

Now your husband and kids may toss them on the floor (like mine do) but one of the best ways to decorate for Fall is to strategically use throw pillows!

Warning: a couch filled with 5 fall-themed pillows...not so cute! That's a little too much of a good thing! Put the pumpkin spice latte down for a minute and hear me out 😍

daybed with pillows and fall decor

Keep the majority of your pillows seasonal-neutral (meaning they can work in your home at any time of the year). And punch up the Fall decor with one or two special pillows! Bonus points if you buy two-sided pillows that allow you to double your decorating dollar! You might want to check out my easy placemat pillows that you can make for less than $10!

Secret #3: Shop your yard!

Maybe you've never thought of it before but your backyard is home to so many treasures that you can bring in to decorate for Fall!

We have self-pruning trees and this time of year they're dropping large branches. I bring them into the house and fill a large wicker vase and just let them continue to dry. The color is rich and then fades to a beautiful warm brown.

dried leaves in a basket vase

This is shopping smart because you'll be able to use the vase all year long and get completely different looks depending on what you fill it with!

But leaves aren't the only thing you'll find in your yard! There are pods and pine cones, grasses and flowers (think dried hydrangeas). Even sticks can be used to decorate your home! They make great picture frames (I'll be sharing an idea next week), or just pile them in a bucket!

If you don't have a yard, you can buy white pumpkins from the grocery store and paint them copper like I did in this video tutorial, or purchase a set of fresh greenery from the grocery store (Trader Joe's always has great stems at affordable prices) or "shop" discarded magnolia leaves from the side of the street . If you live near the beach, make a pumpkin from collected beach glass or paint shells and driftwood.

You're smart, you're reading my blog after all 😍, so I know you can find ways to bring the outdoors in!

Secret #4: Use what you have, then add a little pop

No one wants to go broke because they spent too much money on pillows or home decor! This is where this secret comes in! Shop your home for the majority of your Fall decor, and then add some fun pops of actual seasonal Fall.

I've been doing this for years, and I promise that it makes all the difference!

For instance, when I set out to create my Fall tablescape this year, I purchased a set of Fall-themed salad plates from Walmart. The rest of my table was a mix of leftover Fall pumpkins, as well as rustic items I had around the house. It just takes one item to set the tone for your decor! I wanted rich, warm fall colors this year and these plates add that pop of color!

Are you ready for a bonus secret? It's actually better if you don't go overboard! It looks better and your items will shine if they're not all competing for your eye! (This is something I'm still working on putting into practice!)

dining table decorated for Fall

Secret #5: Make it!

When all else fails, make your own fall decor! Whether that means you upcycle something you found at the thrift store like sweater sleeves into pumpkins or you make something from scratch, like porch pumpkins from 2x4s or drop cloth pumpkins or you turn a few dollar store stems  into a beautiful fall wreath, you get the idea! A beautifully decorated Fall home is within reach friend!

porch with large DIY pumpkins

Do any of these secret tips resonate with you? I would love to hear back! Happy shopping, I hope you find some great deals!

I hope you're having a safe and happy Labor Day weekend friend! I'll see you soon with some free Fall printables πŸ‚πŸ

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fall farmhouse decor

bringing beauty to the ordinary, 

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  1. I upcycle and change things up every year. Love using natural elements especially dried hydrangeas from our yard.


  2. I do love a good sale and you rounded up a bunch of beautiful things!

    1. Thanks Linda, I always like to shop smart, shop sales, use coupons, and save wherever I can!

  3. Love these tips. I always shop my yard as well since I live on a wooded lot and you have just reminded me that I need to go out and pick up the acorns before the squirrels and the deer beat me to them. I have probably done all of your tips but definitely needed the reminder.

  4. I love the little bench area by your's so pretty!!

  5. These are all wonderful tips. Definitely love to shop my yard!

  6. Excellent tips. Really like the porch too.

  7. What great tips! Everything looks so good!

    1. Thanks so much! I love decorating for as little money as possible ;)


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