A Simple and Sweet Valentines Day Garland

I'm sharing a video tutorial for making a simple and sweet air dry clay heart garland for Valentines Day, as well as ideas for styling these pretty garlands in your home.
eucalyptus wreath with clay hearts

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Friend, if you haven't tried crafting with air dry clay yet, you need to hop to it...pronto!

Air dry clay is an inexpensive and fast way to create beautiful home decor! 

I loved crafting with this medium over the holidays, and made air dry clay Christmas ornaments, a really sweet air dry clay gingerbread sign, the sweetest air dry clay Santa face beaded garland and I even figured out how to use air dry clay to create a snowman planter!

Clay is one of the easiest mediums to create with! If you can make cookies, you can make these simple cut outs!

Keep reading to watch a video of me making a simple garland using tiny air dry clay hearts. Oh, and next week I'll be sharing a Valentines wreath made with air dry clay! So if you're not a subscriber yet, click here to join the DIY fun so you never miss a post!

I love that this clay dries in just 24 hours and then it's ready to decorate with, or you can choose to paint it like I did with this DIY clay gingerbread man.

How to Make an Easy Air Dry Clay Heart Garland

Watch this video and then come back for the links and more ideas for decorating with a clay heart garland!

How to Style a Garland Around your Home

So most of the time, garland is strung across a mantel and we've all seen it done that way, and done that ourselves.

Today I'm jumping out of the box a little bit and showing you some alternative ways to decorate with garland in your home!

1. Hang garland vertically

I love how my shorter garland looks suspended from the middle of the wreath in my dining room!

dining room decor with blush pink and hearts

It's so subtle! I am not a big fan of the commercial Valentines Day decorations, so this neutral nod to the holiday is more my style!

The mini clay hearts were simply tied to a length of cotton kitchen twine and hung from a nail for a sweet touch. I love how they cascade down.

wreath with heart garland

Keep in mind that the contrast I've achieved here is because the white hearts are hung on a chalkboard background and surrounded by a dark green wreath! If you try this at home, remember to use contrast for the best effect!

Your heart garland will really show up against a darker surface!

clay hearts hanging from boxwood wreath

2. Lay garland on a table

Another idea for displaying garland in your home is to lay it on a table. I tied the hearts to a length of gorgeous pink satin ribbon and tucked it in amongst the pink and gold decor on my dining table.

satin ribbon garland with hearts

This way of decorating with the DIY heart garland is so simple but so beautiful! 

fake cake with camelia

3. Hang garland from an existing wreath

The garland that I made in the video was strung around the eucalyptus heart shaped wreath I made last year for our sunroom. Just another simple way to decorate. If you don't have a heart shaped wreath, no problem! Hang the garland from any wreath, just keep in mind you want a darker wreath to really allow the light colored garland to shine!

heart wreath with garland

This cozy reading nook in our sunroom was decorated after all the Christmas decor was packed away and I was left with a blank slate. I was just ready for a change and the gallery wall was taken down. I love changing furniture around too. The sunroom has had many looks over the years and different furniture placement. Click here to see the many looks the sunroom has had in the 4 years we've lived in this home.

cozy reading corner with wood wall, Valentines decor and chunky chenille throw

Supplies for a heart garland


Do you craft with air dry clay? I hope you're inspired to make this easy heart garland for your home!

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subtle Valentines Day decor

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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  1. So simple yet so beautiful. My granddaughter used the clay that you bake to make her little figures but I had no idea there was air dried clay. I will have to pass this video along to her. Your table looks like something you would see in a high end display window.

    Denise TX

  2. Thank you! I love this quick drying clay. You are so kind! Have a great day :)

  3. Love this! So simple and lovely!
    Great ideas for displaying the hearts also.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Cindy, I ordered all the products and made some hearts but when I try to pull them from the cookie sheet they kind of get bent. Any suggestion as to how to keep that from happening?
    Denise TX

    1. It's actually better to roll them out on parchment or waxed paper Denise! Then they won't stick!

  5. Forgot to say, you'll want to tape the parchment to the table!! 😄

  6. Okay, thank you! I will do that. Of course with this first batch of hearts they should be quite interesting. ��

    1. You're welcome. You can call the first batch rustic!! 😁😉


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