Christmas in July 9 Favorite Christmas DIYs

Christmas is officially 5 months away! Get a head start on your planning with these 9 favorite Christmas DIYs that you can start making (or at least planning for) today!

Are you dreaming of Christmas yet? It's my absolute favorite time of the year and when the temps and humidity reach the stratosphere, I definitely find myself dreaming of the snowy, chilly days of December. Wait, who am I kidding? I live in Texas, where snow is a phenomenon! But, I still find myself thinking about decorating for Christmas and I thought I'd share some of my favorite Christmas DIYs in case you want to get a head start!

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It never fails. Christmas seems to show up in stores earlier and earlier! While it may seem crazy to some, to those of us who are huge fans, it is a blessing to get our hands on the pieces we need to start crafting Christmas! I've generally found that if I wait until even early November, the best stuff is usually sold out of craft stores by then!

So, this Christmas in July post is to remind both you and me that it's never too early to start planning for your Christmas decor, and shopping for supplies!

Here are 9 favorite Christmas DIYs

1. How to make designer Christmas pillows on the cheap

I am a huge fan of shopping clearance sales, especially for the holidays! I carefully pack away the items I score for next to nothing, and when it's time to pull out the bins and start planning my holiday decor, I'm always excited to get crafting with the thrifty bargains I scored the year before.

That's definitely how these DIY pillows came about. But even if you need to buy new supplies, you should still be able to make a DIY Christmas pillow for around $10.

2. How to make a farmhouse ticking Christmas wreath for $10

This wreath is so budget friendly and easy to make! I was sick on the couch while I made this, so you know it's easy! It looks like it's crafted from red ticking ribbon, but it's actually fabric!  Click here to see how to make the farmhouse ticking Christmas wreath

3. How to make French farmhouse ornaments using a Sharpie

Yes, you read that right!! These ornaments are simply made using just a Sharpie. I used blue, but feel free to pick any color that works with your Christmas decor! I'm planning to make some red ornaments this year using this method. Click here to see how to make Sharpie ornaments.

Click here to see my blue and white French farmhouse Christmas tree

4. How to make a custom DIY tree collar for less than $20

What I love the best about this DIY tree collar is that it's totally customizable! I was obsessed with black and white buffalo check for several years, so that's the base of my Christmas tree collar. However, you use whatever works for your decor! You'll use a few items from the home improvement store, as well as a couple items from the craft or home decor store (or you might even have several of these items at home already, saving you even more money!)

5. How to make cozy Christmas/winter trees

By now you should realize something about me...I enjoy creating a beautiful home on a budget...a tight budget! I think even if I was a millionaire, I'd still enjoy challenging myself to pull together a curated, collected home rather than purchasing everything new. I chose to be a stay at home momma when my kiddos were little. As a family of 5 living on a single income, with only one car, I was forced to be creative, think outside the box, paint thrifted furniture, and pull together a home that was still welcoming, cozy and beautiful! One of my favorite compliments ever was having guests over and being told that our home looked like walking into the real-life Pinterest!

These cute and cozy Christmas trees are super thrifty to make! Mr DIY helped with the video tutorial as you watch me make a tree from start to finish!

6. How to make an ornament wreath from new and/or vintage ornaments

This sweet ornament wreath is actually a remake. The original wreath had twisted and gotten wonky in storage, so I remade it on a new base. I share the best way to make an ornament wreath and show you exactly how to get the best results. Whether you use a combo of vintage and new ornaments, pastels or brand new ornaments, this tutorial is easy and makes a gorgeous wreath you can enjoy for years to come!

7. How to make a glitter ornament Christmas nativity DIY sign

Do you collect nativities? I love displaying them in my home during the holiday season. They are a reminder to me, our children and our guests that Christmas isn't just about gifts, cute decor and parties. Christmas is a celebration of God choosing to send Jesus to earth to be born as a baby...a baby who would grow up to be the Savior of the world!

This thrifty DIY Christmas sign is made using an artist's canvas. I share how to turn that canvas into a budget-friendly farmhouse sign! Click here to see how to make the glitter ornament nativity.

8. How to make a gingerbread man sign using clay

Is there any cookie more quintessentially Christmas than gingerbread? I love to bake and eat it, but I wanted a more permanent way to enjoy it so I crafted a clay gingerbread man! I used a deconstructed canvas as the base for my inexpensive Christmas sign and it became the cutest decor for my coffee and hot cocoa bar!

9. How to make temporary naughty and nice Christmas pillow wraps

I started decorating our bedroom for Christmas a couple years ago and we have enjoyed it so much! Mr DIY does complain about the plethora of throw pillows, both on our bed and the sofas (and chairs and benches and daybed). Actually, he doesn't complain anymore, he just tosses them on the floor! Mr DIY notwithstanding, I decided to make quirky (and temporary) no-sew pillow wraps to add to existing red gingham pillows on our bed. You'll get to read about some of Mr DIY's antics, and figure out who is the "Naughty" one in our family!

That's a wrap! I would love to know if you're looking for any specific Christmas ideas this year! Don't forget, it usually sneaks up on us quickly, so I hope these ideas help you to get a jumpstart in your Christmas decor planning! Many of these DIY ideas make great Christmas gifts for friends and family so keep that in mind!

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If you need any more Christmas DIY and decorating ideas, type CHRISTMAS into the search bar, or click here!

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