7 Creative Ideas for Decorating with Fall Leaves

As the weather cools and we decorate our homes for the season, here are some fun and creative ways to decorate with autumn leaves to add warm and cozy Fall vibes indoors.

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Do you get excited to create a cozy, decorated home as the weather starts to cool and the leaves start to turn? I've been decorating for fall in our living room and dining room and our home looks so pretty! If you want to see what I've done, just click the blue links ❤

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I can't get enough of crisp, cool mornings and the changing colors outside are breathtaking! Sippy my morning coffee on the back porch in the cool morning air is my current favorite activity!

Bringing those cozy colors of the season into my home just feels right during autumn! Whether you use real leaves or faux, I can't wait to share some beautiful ways to decorate with Fall leaves.

Idea #1 - Fill a pitcher with Fall stems

You might never have thought of using something from your kitchen to hold Fall stems in another part of your home! I have a large collection of vintage ironstone pitchers and every year I love adding autumn leaves, berry stems and flowers to my pitchers. Whether you use vintage pitchers or new ones, the addition of seasonal stems can make a lovely contrast in a pretty pitcher!

Idea #2 - Get Creative with Garland

We've all seen beautiful leafy garlands draped across a mantle for the autumn season. But here are a couple additional ways to use those garlands in your decor.

Wrap a pumpkin
Here I've taken a pretty mustard leaf garland, and wrapped it around the top of a rustic pedestal. A pretty DIY lace and rope pumpkin nestles into the leaves for a simple yet stunning decoration.

Here's another version of this idea using a leaf and berry garland. This time the vessel is a willow riser, and I've added multiple small pumpkins to the leafy berry garland. This idea creates wonderful texture.

Drape garland in an unusual place
You're not restricted to a fireplace mantel or mirror when it comes to decorating with garland! Think outside of the box and add interest to your Fall decor! Here I've draped the same mustard yellow leaf garland that I used above, across the top of my pine hutch. I love how the color creates beautiful contrast with the blue and white dishes inside, along with those adorable tiny terracotta seedling dishes - find out how to DIY your own! You can see more HERE.

Tuck a garland into a rustic crate
A couple years ago I made a paper bag leaf garland, and used it to decorate the mantel in our Texas farmhouse. When we made the move to MS last summer, I was loathe to throw my handmade garland away! But I wanted to use it in a new way, so I tucked it into a long, rustic wooden crate on our coffee bar, along with a strand of fairy lights, and filled the crate with an assortment of pumpkins, both store-bought and handmade. While the garland acted as filler to lift up the pumpkins, I made sure to drape the ends out of the crate so they were visible. You can see more HERE.

Idea #3 - Decorate with Leaves From the Yard

You might be wondering what the heck? Why would you bring dead leaves into your home? Here's the thing - when we lived in Texas, the leaves didn't turn beautiful colors before falling to the ground, they died on the branch and then an entire branch would fall! If you live in the South, you know what I mean!

I found these branches filled with dry leaves to be oddly appealing, and couldn't help myself bringing them into our home. The colors are rich and perfect for adding warm colors, and the price can't be beat! Click HERE for more Fall foraged ideas! and to grab a copy of my fall printable.

Since moving to the South, I've become a collector of fresh magnolia leaves. Fall is the time when everyone is pruning their trees, and I've collected branches of magnolia leaves to use in my home decor. I not only made a fresh magnolia leaf wreath, but after the leaves dried, I love using them in Fall vignettes, like I did here on my table a couple years ago. Both the green side, and the velvety brown back side, are beautiful to use!

Here I've tucked dried magnolia leaves into a long dough bowl with a trio of handmade dollar store pumpkins. The velvety brown backsides of the leaves are the focus here.

Fall favorite finds on Amazon
Shop my curated Fall finds on Amazon

Idea #4 - Create a Burlap Leaf Swag from Dollar Store Leaves

One thing I always do early in the season, is visit the Dollar Tree to see what they have. Every year I pick up a package or two of the wired burlap leaves. They have different varieties, and the wire stems means they are bendable.

One fun idea to decorate with these burlap leaves is to hook them together to create a falling leaf display on the side of a mirror, chalkboard or hutch. Simply tuck the wire at the back of one leaf through the burlap of the next leaf, and continue adding leaves until you get a look you like!

Idea #5 - Add Leaves to a Candle

Here's another simple idea using the dollar store burlap leaves, although you could use any fall leaves to get a similar look. Add them around a candle in a glass hurricane. The wired leaves can be bent to fit the curve of the candle, and the hurricane holds them in place.

You could also create custom candles using any paper Fall napkins! Follow THIS tutorial to create beautiful candles for your home that are safe to burn. I just bought some Fall leaves and will update the post with my results!

Idea #6 - Hang a Fall Leaves Wreath

A wreath made entirely out of Fall leaves is stunning and beautiful! If you love to make your own wreaths, try my paper bag copper magnolia wreath, or my dollar store Fall wreath in 5 easy steps

If you would rather purchase a Fall leaf wreath, check out these affordable options below.

Shop Fall Wreaths

Idea #7 - Combine Multiple Leaf Stems for Impact

If you're looking to make a big impact with faux leaf stems, consider this idea. I took 5 of the large leaf and pinecone stems from Hobby Lobby and wired them together to create a big WOW moment on my fireplace mantel. Click here to see more of this living room decorated for Fall.

Last year, I used these same stems on top of my black hutch. Combining stems of the same kind makes a stunning impact! Click here to see more of last year's fall dining room.

Here's another idea using multiple varieties of stems in a woven wicker hanging basket. It's visually stunning, perfect for a door or a mirror. I personally love hanging a display like this on a mirror because the reflection means you get double the impact! See how I decorated this basket for summer HERE and using another hanging basket for spring HERE.

I hope I've left you with lots of ideas for using Fall leaves in your home decor this season!

Click here to see my complete Fall catalogue of ideas!

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