Decorating a Hutch with Vintage Patriotic Style

Tips and ideas for using inexpensive, everyday items to decorate a hutch for the summer, July 4th and all the patriotic occasions and festivities 💖💙

pine hutch filled with vintage dishes, flags, ironstone

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Summer decorating shouldn't be expensive or difficult! Today I'm excited to share with you some personal tips for decorating a hutch with patriotic style, but we're not going to spend a lot of money! In fact, I spent less than $5 to decorate my hutch! The trick is to pull from items that you already own and bring them together to create a similar look and feel.

pine hutch with vintage ironstone platters, pitchers, dishes in red white and blue

I love using red, white and blue for summer because it feels like a no brainer! From late May until September, there are so many patriotic holidays, memorials and celebrations. It just seems logical to decorate once and leave it out all summer!

BUT, I know some of you don't live in the USA, or you don't really like decorating with the colors of your flag because you love neutrals, or whatever else. Regardless of your style and preference, I'm sure you'll be able to use some of the tips I'm including below, to decorate a hutch or china cabinet in a way that feels intentional and purposeful.

Tips for decorative a patriotic hutch without spending a lot of moolah

Tip #1: Decorate with flags

This tip is #1 for a reason! It's really the only actual piece of Americana that I used to decorate my hutch and wall cubby! The rest is just an illusion, and I'll explain more as we go along. Adding a flag or two adds instant patriotic style! Here I've tucked small flags from Walmart into vintage milk glass vases.

mini flags in milk glass vases

mini flags in chippy white butter mold

Tip #2: Decorate with plates

If you've followed me for a minute, you'll know how much I love vintage dishes. I have quite a collection of white ironstone and blue transferware as well as a few red transferware pieces. Rather than thinking of a china hutch as a utilitarian piece of furniture to corral your china and simply stuffing the dishes into the china cabinet, I like to decorate to add interest. I layer the pieces, starting with platters at the back, then larger pitchers, and smaller pieces in front.

Because my dishes are red, white and blue, they work seamlessly to set that patriotic mood! In my primitive pine hutch, I've mixed all three colors together to amplify the patriotic setting. I think of it as eye candy, because there's so many goodies to look at! Your eye wants to linger.

shelves of blue and red transferware, white ironstone and miniature flags

stacks of red, white and blue vintage ironstone and transferware
Throwing the doors of the hutch open not only invites guests to take a peek, but is a more enjoyable way to appreciate your own collection!

Tip #3: Decorative with napkins

Looking around for something red to add to my hutch, I remembered my napkins! I grabbed them, rolled them and tucked them into different pieces inside my hutch. This is such a simple way to make a collection look more casual but also to add color! If you don't have napkins, I love using fat quarters. You can buy singles at Walmart and the craft store, or bundles on Amazon for less than $10! Roll them up and use them the same way! Or drape a napkin over the edge of a bowl or casserole dish as I've done here.

decorative napkin draped over edge of ironstone bowl

Tip #4: Use vintage pieces

I've been scouring thrift stores for years and building an amazing collection of vintage dishes. You may just be getting started. Raid your mom or grandma's hutch for vintage goodies (like milkglass, blue mason jars, ironstone and transferware). Even if you're using your everyday white dishes, adding just a select few vintage pieces will really change the look!

Decorator idea: Hosting the 4th? Set up a dessert bar or drinks bar and use vintage blue mason jars to hold straws, plastic cutlery, stir sticks, etc
Just a single blue mason jar can add vintage style to any collection.

wall cubby with vintage ironstone creamers, teacups, mini flags

Tip #5: Add a quilt

I love quilts, they add that homey, cottage grandma look that we all love from movies like Father of the Bride.

Last year I found this red patchwork quilt on sale at Kohl's. It's obviously not vintage, but it has the look (see similar here). No one would ever know that it's a Christmas quilt and the back of it has Santas on skis!! It's perfect for my July 4th hutch, I folded it and hung it over the top of my open hutch door.

red and white checked quilt hanging over open hutch door

Tip #6: Don't forget the TOP of your hutch!

While you're decorating, add something interesting to the top of your hutch as well. I actually removed the decorative piece at the top of this hutch (I'll show you what I did with it in a minute), so that you could see the picnic basket, pitcher and rustic crate with platters better. If you'd like to see what the hutch looks like with the decorative top piece, click here.

patriotic decorated hutch using vintage dishes, chippy wood, ironstone and wicker

Over in my kitchen, after hanging my repurposed craft wall cubby up, I set the decorative trim piece from the pine cabinet on top to get it out of the way, and ended up loving the look! It reminds me a little of an eagle with it's wings spread, and feels just right! I don't know if it will stay here long term, but for now it's perfect!

decorative hutch top used on wall cubby filled with red white and blue vintage creamers

Tip #7: Think outside the box

Looking for another few pieces to add to my cubby, I rifled through my cabinets and remembered the blue patterned Oui yogurt jars I had! I needed a pop of blue on the bottom shelf and they work so well, don't you think? I also used the red and white striped creamer that I usually only use at Christmas. The blue thrifty yarn wrapped hearts with gingham ties fill in the rest as do a few patriotic toothpick flags in a tiny blue creamer.

Designer tip: fill the creamer 3/4 of the way with rice, dried beans or even quinoa so your flags stay upright!

wall cubby hung above small dresser, filled with vintage red white and blue creamers and flags

I hope these tips give you some ideas for getting your own hutch or china cabinet decorated for summer! 

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red white and blue vintage transferware and ironstone fills hutch for patriotic style

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  1. This is so cute, Cindy. Love how you stacked the dishes here and there. You are such a talented stylist.


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