Rustic and Weathered DIY Project Ideas

I'm sharing some of my favorite DIY projects featuring that weathered, rustic, chippy look that most of us can't get enough of! There is a link to the tutorial for each of these projects so you can follow along and make some rustic, chippy things for your home!
rustic projects
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Updated 6-2022

Hi friend, are you officially into summer yet? We are wrapping up Phase 1 of our big flooring project, which I'll be sharing soon (Update: see our new waterproof barnwood floors here). Today I rounded up some of my favorite DIY projects that have that rustic, weathered, chippy style that is incredibly popular right now! 

Here's a funny thing. When I was young, I liked shiny and new. The shinier and newer, the better! I didn't have a lot of stuff because the shiny, new stuff I loved was expensive!

Out with the old...Rae Dunn sale!

Since I discovered a passion for DIY, I have more stuff than I can handle! πŸ˜• Most of it is old and weathered, rustic, chippy and vintage (some of it is extra chippy due to our many, many cross country moves! - you can read more about that here). Our recent flooring install meant everything needed to be moved from a couple of spaces. I took the time to go through all my stuff and I got rid of a lot, including much of my Rae Dunn collection because let's be honest...who needs 57 Rae Dunn mugs? If you are interested in seeing what I sold, you can view the items here.

Pieces that tell a story

Now that I'm older, I love all the rustic, chippy and weathered things....hmm, wonder if there's a correlation here? 😏

I like old stuff and I cannot lie! πŸŽ΅πŸ˜ƒ

I enjoy adding these pieces to my home because they tell a story and they create a feeling of warmth! Both are something you tend to enjoy more the older you get!

Based on the projects you're pinning from my blog, I know that you love these things too! I know that you might have missed some of these projects, so I'm sharing them all here today, together in one place, to help you out! Some are quick and easy, others will take longer. Some of these project ideas are free and others are more expensive. So you see, there's something here for everyone!

Rustic DIY projects to make today

Without further adieu, or yacking, here are 15 of my favorite projects that will add rustic, weathered and chippy texture to your home! Click on the link in each title for the step by step directions and picture tutorial.

Mini Barn Quilt Signs

These small black and white barn quilt signs were fun to make one afternoon using a scrap of wood I found in our garage! I distressed them heavily with my palm sander to make them look older. If you want to see a larger version, I made a huge barn quilt in red and white to hang on my in-laws garage front!

gallery wall

Weathered Wood Pedestal/Cake Stand

I made this weathered cake stand recently using a chunky candlestick from Hobby Lobby as my base. I love it for so many things! The tutorial shows how I matched the raw wood top to the base using simple acrylic craft paints!

white and wood decor

Chippy Spindle Candlesticks

I don't know why chippy white things make my heart pitter patter, but they do! πŸ’— These candlesticks are the result of chopping off the spindles from a destined-for-the-trash old chair with my Dremel Saw Max! It took just a few minutes to cut them off, paint them white and I used a fun trick to get the chippy look in minutes!

farmhouse chippy candlesticks

Reclaimed Wood Wall

This DIY project remains one of my favorites ever! It took Mr DIY and I about nine hours to install reclaimed wood on two 12-foot angled walls in our sunroom, but it was a fun project. We didn't fight. Or argue. Really 😍 And it hasn't fallen off, so that's a bonus!

reclaimed wood wall

Limewash a Thrifted Frame

Limewash has become popular again and everyone is doing it! Or wanting to do it! All you need for this project are some old wood frames. Liming wax will turn them into things of beauty, no matter the stain color! This project includes a video tutorial of me making over this frame.

thrifted frame update

Weathered Oak Dressers

These oak dressers from the early 90's were supposed to get the liming wax treatment I gave the frame in the above project, but I ran into a snafu. You can read all about that as well as my Plan B, which was giving them a weathered wood look using chalk paint and wax! Here's the before and after! 

weathered wood oak dresser before and after

Painted Drawers with Bun Feet

Sometimes you find really cute drawers at the side of the road on garbage day during your morning walk. And you bring them home. And make them cuter. And turn them into perfectly farmhouse little storage vessels that can hold pretty much anything!

wood drawer for storage with bun feet

Driftwood Nightstand

This project is an oldie but I still love it! I made a glossy white melamine dresser look like weathered driftwood with just DIY chalk paint and a DIY glaze! You can use this treatment to transform just about anything! You can click here to see more of this guest room in our former home, including a large mirror that also got the driftwood paint makeover!

driftwood nightstand in blue and white room

DIY Barn Doors

This project was a bit of a doozy and I didn't even do most of the work! But, these doors (which replaced a set of French doors) add so much warmth and style to our master bedroom, all Mr DIY's work was totally worth it! πŸ˜‰ You can click here to see the full master bedroom reveal.

rustic double barn doors

Quick Bookcase Update

Sometimes simple is all that's needed! Wanting to lighten my black IKEA Billy bookcases, but not wanting to paint them, I applied a rustic weathered wood removable wallpaper to the backs! Easy, inexpensive, perfect update!

bookcase with removable shiplap  wallpaper

New Furniture Feet

Sometimes all you need are new feet! New sofa feet! A little wood stain on our new feet made our sofa look so much better! This is an inexpensive upgrade with big results!

living room decor farmhouse style

Faux Brick Wall

Another fun wall project! This faux brick wall treatement added instant European farmhouse charm to our master bedroom makeover for around $100! The German schmear technique makes it look like it's been around for 100 years or so, with just a hint of the original 'brick' peaking through!

rustic painted faux brick wall with German schmear behind bed

Faux Wood Clock

This faux shiplap clock is proof that faux can be fun! It's an IKEA hack and you won't believe what I used to make it!

faux shiplap clock white and black

Painted Brick Fireplace

Whoever invented paint needs a medal. Seriously! I am constantly amazed by paint's ability to transform! In this case, it was a dirty red brick fireplace that was crying out for an update and makeover...and white chalk paint did not disappoint! This is one of my top viewed posts of all time. You really need to see the dark and dated before! In fact, go ahead and read the dark and dreary tale of this whole room because we tackled more than just the fireplace!

whitewash brick fireplace

Farmhouse Floors

As I type this post, we are currently installing these same floors down the hall, in the front rooms of our house and up the stairs. We love these floors so much and cannot rave enough about them! They're amazing quality for only 1.97/sq ft and they add so much warmth, texture and style to our home! You can see where we bought the flooring and the installation process here.

Update: see the flooring reveal here and here

weathered laminate floors

And that wraps up 15 of my absolute favorite rustic and weathered DIY projects that we've tackled in the last 5 years!

Is there anything I missed? If there's a project you'd like to see please let me know in the comments. I may have already completed it or it may be on the horizon.

As always, please PIN THIS IMAGE for easy reference!

rustic and weathered DIY projects

bringing beauty to the ordinary, 


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