12 Neutral Easy DIY Valentines Day Projects

Craving a little neutral? Try these amazing Valentines Day projects that will satisfy your craving and add subtle charm to your winter home!
lambs ear heart wreath

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If you love a good Valentines Day craft, I've got you covered! Enjoy this roundup of 12 of my favorite neutral Valentines craft ideas, with links below to more colorful DIY ideas too!

I enjoy seasonal decorating, and after all the color and chaos of Christmas, some years I crave a quieter palette. If this is you too, check out these projects below, I'm sure you'll find something you like ❤

12 of the Best Neutral DIY Valentines Day Ideas

1. Tattered Fabric Heart Wreath

Made with torn fabric scraps, lace and ribbon, this shabby chic heart wreath couldn't be easier! Want to make a cottage white shelf like this one? Click HERE for the tutorial.

tattered fabric heart wreath

2. Hanging Button Heart Decoration

A lightly padded felt heart is covered in neutral buttons in assorted sizes for a layered piece that is pretty enough to keep out all year!

button covered heart

3. Easy Wood Bead Hearts

I'm sharing my tricks to make perfect wood beaded hearts.

natural wood bead heart

4. Valentines Day Table with Easy Folded Napkin Roses

I'm a big fan of blush pink. Paired with white candles and dishes, and neutral napkin roses, it makes for a dreamy table! The napkin roses are a cinch to make, I've included a video tutorial for you!

white table, pink accents, napkin roses

5. Make Shabby Ruffled Hearts From a Sheet

Grab a white sheet from your favorite discount store or even your closet, and turn it into the sweetest lightly stuffed and ruffled hearts. Lots of ideas included for decorating these, and one flat sheet will make multiple hearts.

black chairs, white heart decor

6. Sweet and Simple Valentines Day Garland

Tiny clay hearts are strung on cotton cord and hung from the center of a preserved boxwood wreath for the simplest and sweetest Valentines Day drop garland!

boxwood wreath, clay heart drop garland

7. DIY Eucalyptus Heart Shaped Wreath

Remember wire hangers? Turn one into the base for this easy heart wreath, made with inexpensive eucalyptus stems.

white vintage dresser, eucalyptus heart wreath

8. Easy Wood Bead Valentines Napkin Rings

Wood beads and hearts become simple napkin rings in minutes. Stain the heart (with my paint trick), or leave all natural. Want to make the Rae Dunn inspired check conversation hearts? Click HERE for the video tutorial.

white dishes, blush gingham napkin, wood bead napkin holder, painted check conversation heart

9. Heart Shaped Rope Coasters

These heart shaped rope coasters only look complicated! They're easy and inexpensive to make using just two household items! See my pink chenille yarn version HERE.

heart shaped coasters, Rae Dunn Valentines mugs

10. Valentines Day Easy Book Stack

Grab some books from the thrift store and make your own custom book stack using alphabet stamps! Easy and unique.

book stack, pink flowers

11. DIY Drop Cloth XO Pillow

I'll show you how to add a drop cloth XO to a store-bought pillow for a fabulous seasonal accent! A neutral lovers dream! Keep reading for my easy felt version.

neutral pillows, cozy layers, XO pillow, metal daybed

12. Easy No-Sew XO Valentines Pillow

This no-sew XO Valentines pillow is bold and beautiful! Make it in just minutes, following my tutorial.

oversized XO pillow

Bonus: Still have your Christmas tree up? Why not turn it into a Valentines Day tree?

blush and gold vintage Valentines tree

Love a little color at Valentine's Day? Check out these DIY ideas:

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  1. Love each idea Cindy! You are so creative. If I looked back at my crafts for a post, I'd post maybe 2. 2! God gave you a wonderful gift. Happy New Year pinned

    1. Cindy, you are so sweet to say so friend! Thank you xx


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